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dizziness and trouble breathing
5 Replies
[email protected] - August 2

Hey everyone,
I have been experiencing extreme dizziness, or fog latetly. I am also having trouble breathing at times. Very short breaths and I feel as though I cannot get a full intake of air. I have to lie down flat and push on my left side, under the ribs, as I breathe in. Then I can get a full breath of air... this happens every once in a while, but the last few days have been brutal. No pain, just feel like i can't breathe. Anyone else have these issues? The dizziness always accompanies the trouble breathing too.


moosiejean - August 2

Yes, I completely understand..I had the same exact thing and it scared me was to the point that I felt like I could not get enough air in my lungs to breath at times I felt like I was going to have a panic attack due to the breathing. I went to the doctor and it was finally narrowed down to stress, once I found a way to relieve the stress the labored breathing finally subsided!!! He suggested breathing exercises and meditation and actually exercising helped to improve the breathing!

I am feeling so much better now, decided had to turn things that I could not control over to God.


kvc33 - August 2

Yes, I've had a lot of this. It is due to low blood pressure in my case. I treat it by taking salt pills and also doing deep breathing exercises. At its worst it was hell, very scary and stressful. Get yourself a blood pressure monitor, our blood pressure needs to be in the high normal range for us to feel our best due to low blood volume. If i do too much my pulse races and my pressure falls.


ufdacentral - August 2

Hi Shelly, I was wondering if you have seen a doctor for your symptoms? There are so many symptoms that cross over, it is really hard to tell which belongs where. Going to see a doctor if possible is probably the best.
I suffer from both severe dizziness and trouble breathing. the dizziness was diagnosed as positional dizziness, (FM related) and the trouble breathing is suppose to be adult asmatha (spelling?) and sometimes its FM. My doctor says when in dought, it is best to see a doctor and rule out anything else before I assume it is totally FM. Well I hope this helps is not fun to be dizzy or out of breath for sure. I think one of the worse things to have is dizziness!! Take care and take time to rest. Hope your feeling better soon!! Blessings.


[email protected] - August 2

Thanks so much everyone! Moosiejean-I as well have turned this over to the Lord too. But it is scary to experience it. Nice to know I am not the only one who has gone through this.


TILLI MACK - August 2

Trust me you are not alone!! I just started going through this samething last week.... feels like death is close... i was in church today and my breathing went crazy..i started sweating and getting dizzy.. everyone says its stress.. all i know is that it freaks me out!!! I really hope and pray that everyone going through this be healed in JESUS name



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