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dizziness and fainting
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burma - September 20

I've had fibro for about 3 years(diagnosed). This has been a year from hell. My husband of 48 years died on March 21, 2009, 6 weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer. I fell and broke my ankle in 3 places, had surgery on it, was unable to get out of a wheelchair for 6 weeks. After two weeks of walking I fainted 3 times in one day.Now it seems every 4 weeks or so I have an "episode"of fibro so bad I have to basically stay in bed. Pain is not as bad as exhaustion.
I find when I am finally feeling better, I get dizzy & lightheaded whenever I stand after sitting a while. Also,I live in Florida. When I go from a/c to cold or vice-versa I feel very faint. I am on Lyrica,Savella & Lortab. Anyone out there have anything like this?


axxie - September 21

Hello burma and welcome, we would all like to extend are sympathies to you and your family.

You are going through many things in your life at the present, that may indicate why you are having so many symptoms and having bad things happen, such as the break of your ankle.

I truly believe what is needed in your life at the moment, is for you to see a psychology, your physician, you need to talk to your someone to help you, in the coping of losing your beloved husband of 48 years. Longer the duration of your pain, the greater the intensity of your symptoms.
I truly believe that your body is going through a crisis and your body is reacting in symptoms.

Do you have supporter/s that may help you by listening to you and helping you, while you are slowly re-learning to live. Sometimes a friend is more accessible then a family member or your health team. You may ask your health team to help you someone who can help you cope with your lost, the most needed treatment, that is helpful to you would be doing activities that can help you and your supporters that can done together, without giving you problems or rending you in the funk you get from being immobile and uncomfortable in or around a/c and being dizzy and lightheaded.

Do make sure you have ruled out a cold, allergies or a sinus problem. All of these can render you in having a balance or having a problem with your lightheaded and dizziness.

Good luck to you, my friend, and please return to this site and tell us, how you are feeling and do think of us as your friends that may help you.




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