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5 Replies
Sage1 - March 16

Is there anything to do or take to help with dizziness and balance problems, Iv'e had extreme blurry moving vision for a year and a half


JJ1 - March 16

I was having trouble with vertigo and was given medicine by my doc. I don't have it with me at the moment and can't remember what it is, though. It helped teh dizziness feeling but it subsided soon after I got the prescription so haven't used it in a while.


BrandyO - March 17

Hi Sage 1.... The first thing that comes to my mind is vertigo, as JJ1 mentioned. I have this also. I take the generic form of Antivert. It does help but it makes me very sleepy so I only take it at night unless I am having a very bad bout of the vertigo. Then I take it during the day too until the worse of the dizziness has passed. Vertigo can be very debilitating. Dizziness and balance issues can be caused by many things. If you have not seen your doctor... you should. Let us know how you are doing. Good luck and many blessings. Brandy


Adaire - March 26

Sometimes it can even be just an inner ear problem. If your ears are plugged it can make you feel dizzy. That has happened to me. I don't know about the vision problems, have you seen your doctor? I hope you're feeling better soon.


JJ1 - March 26

Good advice about potential for inner ear problems. when I was having my bouts of vertigo, a friend said she had the same thing and it turned out to be an inner ear infection. She said there was never any pain or any other signs of infection. She was started on antibiotics and it cleared up. I went to my general doc thinking this would be the case for me and they said my ears were good and gave me the antivert (I think that was it, now that BrandyO mentioned it). Probably a good idea to rule out an ear infection before starting any other type treatment or meds.


teresat - March 26

Does everyone who has fibro have this problem?? I sometimes walk like I am DRUNK, LOL! I don't always have this symptom , but when I do, I can walk STRAIGHT down the hall, much less walk a straight line, LOL!!!



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