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TERESA - November 2

Has ANYONE ever got DISABLITY that you know for FMS?


carrie lee - November 2

Theresa, I just got my disability reinstated because I was on it for a nervous breakdown and severe depression several years ago, they are now going to make a decision on my fibro, however the gentleman told me that the other things like depression and degenerative disc disease would help sway the board. who knew having a nervous breakdown would ever have turned out to be a good thing lol!!! Anyway I will get paid provisionally for six months or until they make a decision and if they turn me down I do not have to pay that money back. Thank God, I havent worked in ten months and we were about to go under for the third time, if tyoou know hwat I mean. I guess, list everything that is wrong with you, not just fibro, taking an antidepressent I'm sure, we're all depresed,list all of your meds and their potential adverse side affects whether you still get them or not, be specific and have you doctor on your side and you should do ok, But if they turn you down the first time immediately appeal it, dont wait and dont think yyou have to have one of those money grubbing lawyers to do what with a liittle perserverence you can do yourself. Good luck my friend, if I can help at all let me know I've already been around this bend once.


Virg - November 2

Teresa with your lupus that should be an important factor I don't make light of it I'm sorry you have it. A friend has both lupus and epilepsy and I feel the concern. I got my disability way back because I was having panic attacks. I also was so tired (now we know why).
This is something you really should try to get. Remember you could always do side work if you're up to it,nothing will be taken away but it will relieve a lot of stress.


TERESA - November 3

Thank you both! Virg you are so sweet!!! I am going to see my doctor on Nov 13th & see if he will help me but he is leaving the clinic in Dec & I don't think he will be able to help me I found a web site a fwe months ago where you can fill out a mock form & they can tell you if yoou are eiligable. They were supose to e-mail me the results,but they never did!! I didn't put the site in favorites!! Have you heard of such a site? It looked to be an offical goverment site, but I don't remeber what or where it is?


carrie lee - November 3

Teresa, you can file for your disability benefits on line and then a rep wil call you to set up an interview thats what Idid.You can find the app on it takes awhile but it's better than sitting for hours in the local office. Hope this helps, Have a good day.


Theodora - November 7

hi TERESA, i read some of you post & cant believe how mean the USA sysytem is for you. I live in BC Canada & have no problem getting assistant at all. you have lupus too? i am so sorry. you should be easy to get help because of LUPUS DX alone! what going on in US? good luck girl.


Lynne-FT - November 8

The US does not care about us people who fall between the cracks, we give so much money to other countries ... yes I know others in this world need help but for those of us who have worked our entire lives and now have become disabled due to FMS and other related conditions is unfair plain and simple. You have to be on your death bed to get disability, my aunt was confined to a wheel chair with MS for 4 years before she finally got SSDI. Oh and she was a nurse spent the better part of her life devoted to helping people.


Virg - November 8

HI Lynne-FT, know what you mean. My sister had a stroke taking away all use of her left side, but learnt to speak write and even drive. Still she was disabilied and needed meds etc. The canadian disability policy was/is if you can put on a coat you're ok. It took her years but finaly got it.


smallfri - November 15

had to get a lawyer in the state of Missouri is a real pain(pun not intended) to get disability for FMS. He didn't rake me through the coals like most and finally got my SSI. But the Doctors in this state in no way want to be the one to diagnois that you have FMS. Like it is taking money out of their pockets. So had to go to 12 doctors and some in Kansas in order to get one to find out what was wrong with me. Anyone wanting a doctor to diagnois you get ready to travel for miles to get anyone to help. In my case was well worth all the travel my body took over the months to find out for sure.


TERESA - November 15

Smallfri, where in MO are you from? Iv'e been on this site for almost a yr now & you are the 1st one from MO!! As for my original question, I was wondering if anyone has ever recieved SSDI for a diagnosis of FMS. My doctor has lead me to believe that FMS doesn't quailify. I already have a diagnosis of FMS & Lupus. I have not begun the process yet! I don't even know how to start, & with what my doctor said I didn't know if I should try!! Carrie Lee I would like more info about the on-line application please!!!


TERESA - November 17

Smallfri I am quite interested in your reply!!!


smallfri - November 22

Teresa, You have to get a lawyer in the state of Missouri to help get your SSI. There is absolutely no other way to get around it. Courts here are so strict and have to have the doctor that did diaginos you with FMS and Lupus has to have them records to take to a lawyer. It will be well worth the trouble in the long run to get all the paper work you can from every doctor you have went to...this shows that you were trying your hardest to find out what was wrong with you. If you want you can personally email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions. It took me over 6 months to get mine. But was out of commission for working for over a year. Missouri states you have to be not working for at least a year to qualify for SSI.


carrie lee - November 22

Teresa, you have nothing to lose by trying, the web site is and it is a time consuming process. At one point it gives you the option to continue at a later time or conyinuee on to the disability portion. I was so tired and sore from sitting I chose the fill in later choice. The nest day a rep from my local field office called to set up an appointment to finish, I did. However after that mine kind kind of drawn out because what he didnt tell me on the phone was that since I had filed before andhad received benefits then i could request an immediate reinstatement of my claim while this claim was being reviewed, it's called provisional payments and I can receive them for up to six months or the boards decision whichever comes first. If my case for my myofascial problems is denied I dont have to repay that money. Thatts why I say if you are being treated for any kind of mood ro emotional disorder or panic attacks try to go with those first, I was never rejected my first time and I was in such a bad anxiety situation that they did my tele interview on the phone bevause I could not leave my house by myself much less drive. My e-mail is [email protected] if you neeed to get in touch with me with any further questions. I check my e-mail alot so please if I can help just let me know, a virtual hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on or just some red tape advise I am here for you and anyone else struggling through the governmental process, I may not have all of your answers but I do have alot of resources that we can use to find the aanswer. Havr a well day today you will be in my prayers


CarrieLee - December 13



Lynne-FT - December 17




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