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myself - December 17

I was wondering if anyone was as bad as I am, can't seem to find anyone else like me.

I have Fibro and it is disabling me from doing anything.

I have tested every muscle test possible, along with just about every disease, arthritis etc. for the past 4 years, they came up with fibro.

My muscles swell sometimes but are always painful. In the calves just below the knee on the front, on both sides of one elbow in the muscle and around a wrist with the muscle area.

I can't hold a bowl or cup due to the pain, can't walk at all, takes 3min to walk 2 feet to the bathroom with a walker due to how bad the pain is. CAn't sit up in bed by myself either.

They gave me all sorts of medications that made me worse for RA and other diseases to try and help it.

The only drugs that worked were ultram, ibuprofen and 10mg prednisone a day. Prednisone is the one i can't live without.

Anyone else like this?


Fantod - December 17

I was very sorry to read your post and all of the difficulties that you are experiencing. I do not have the severity of symptoms that you have described. But, I would like to offer some suggestions that may help you.

You don't say in your post if you have seen a rheumotologist. I am going to assume that you have seen one but I will say that not all of them are created equal. You can get a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area by going to the National Fibromyalgia Association website.

I have to say that I think a steady diet of prednisone in any amount is a very bad idea. It causes absolute havoc with the immune system by weakening it. This sets you up for every opportunistic infection that comes along.

FMS pain can be caused in part by diet. Do you use artifical sweetners or drink diet soda etc?
Other triggers are processed lunch meat (nitrates) and deep fried food. If you need a sweetner for coffee, use Stevia. It can be found at any decent health food store. Tastes good and nontoxic unlike Equal, Splenda and so on.

I'm also assuming based on your description that your sleep is completely disrupted due to pain. If your muscles are not getting proper rest they will be exceedingly painful in short order. The longer a pain cycle goes on, the harder it is to stop. A pain management specialist working with a fibro-friendly rheumy should be able to increase your comfort level. I have both. The pain management guru was able to sort out a couple of problems that I was having when the rheumy did not have a clue. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for one.

I want to encourage you to think about getting a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your situation from both a rheumotology and pain stand point. No one should have to live like that. I wish you the very best of luck and I hope that better days are ahead. God bless.


13tracy13 - December 19

I agree, it could benifit you to find a new rheumotologist who knows and understands fibro. My rheumo told me that ibuprofen does not work well for fibro pain (of course everyone is different) he believes tylenol is better, and the only meds I am taking right now are tylenol arthritis, and it helps me better then the perscription alieve my family dr gave me.
All Dr's are not created equal, if you are in so much pain see a different dr. Also have you tried working with a pain managment specialist, if not try and find one who is familiar with fibro since our pain is different we require certin meds to help us. Good luck and don't give up there has to be something that can help you.



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