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TEE F Baby - May 21

I'm only 28 and I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for 2 years it seems to be getting worse. I love my job however these symptoms of back, chest, arm and leg pains burning and tingling plus depression on top of that makes it hard to work. Since I haven't been in the work field long I don't know if I'm able to get disability and will it be enough for me to survive on??? What's your thoughts? This is so scary!


Fantod - May 21

TEE F Baby - Get a copy of your most recent Social Security statement which is sent to you periodically. Or, you can request a copy online from Social Security. The statement will tell you what you can expect to earn if you become disabled now.

It is virtually impossible to get Social Security Disability for Fibromyalgia (FMS) alone. You must have underlying conditions such as advanced arthitis, back problems, mental health issues such as depression (and you have to be seeing someone for that), a documented case of raging IBS etc. And, your doctors must back your claim that you can no longer work.

If all of that works for you, than go online and find a company called Allsup (we can not give web addresses on this site). Register and set up a telephone interview with them. They have a 98% success rate getting SSD. They had me all sorted out and approved in 6 months. I did not have to go to court in front of a disinterested judge either. Allsup does all of the paperwork for you. Their fee is 25% of your back pay (standard fee) and nothing if they lose. If they lose, they'll help you appeal. They were super to deal with and made the whole process bearable. Some people hire attorney's to represent them. That route can take years. In my opinion, if you feel compelled to apply Allsup is the best choice out there.

I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Good luck and take care.



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