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Disability In Canada?
6 Replies
shadow_fibro - June 6

Anyone have fibromyalgia and have successfully filed for disability or LTIP in Canada?My pain is so severe I am bordering on desperation. I don't have a family Doctor right now. Don't you hate some of the BS in the medical field... Everyone says because they can't see it it's hard to prove. I'll make them see it. Like I said, I'm desperate and I'm beginning to think my legs will hurt less amputated from the knee down. I can barely walk at this point anyhow.


kvc33 - June 7

Yes, my bf applied for it and has been on CPP Disability for a long time. He helps others get it now. You need to talk to your employer and see if they have a disability plan and if not see if they will back you up in claiming LTD. That comes first and if you are unable to work after a certain amount of time at any job then you can apply for CPP Disability. If normally takes two years to get. You really need to get copies of your medical records to show your history and have doctors who will back you up. I don't know if you have fibromyalgia or something else going on as I don't know you. Do you have other symptoms besides pain? What tests have you had done? Why don't you have a doctor? Have you been to a rheumatologist?


axxie - June 7

Like kvc33 said it does take time and you need a doctor. Just fibro will not work, you must have a secondary problem such as depression. You need to go see a docctor. May I tell you, the first step is already done, you are admitting that you have fibro, now go back and see the doctor and talk to the person using buzz words, I need support I am hurting, the pain is hard to control and I have tried this and that medication and nothing works, I can't sleep, because the pain is hurting me from having any quality sleep, I am tired and cannot work, I find myself feeling blue or depressed because no one understands the pain I am going through, please help me.

You get the picture, whichever doctor you go too, you had better come up with buzz words and you had better go in with the thought that you need to help him/her understand. Don't get upset, try helping your doctor find out what is wrong.
Gather your paperwork, might cost you money, because doctor's don't like to share paperwork with their patients, if you are going to change.
Keep going to the doctor at least twice a month, or more, ask to go see a rheumy say that you have severe arthritis, doctor will get you on some tests, and they say they can't see it, say yes, I know I don't understand it because I do have it, especially the back that will probably in to see a specialist.
You will need to change your diet, and drink more water, no nitrate meat (lunch meats) no smoking, no taking alcohol, no salt, and eat a balance meal the pain you are described in your legs, are mostly from the ms, nitrate lunch meats and too much bad fat and high calories that don't give you much. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, and let go of the coffee and teas unless it's after your supper then you can have a cup of green tea to detox you. Buy D3 and D have some calcium everyday add one multivitamin and add and E and fish oil everyday it should help you.
You need to get rid of the toxic and also the inflamation in your body, try glucosamine that really helps, it might take a few weeks but you will see some of the pain disappear.
Again there is no quick way to CPP and you need to help yourself get there and start to feel better at the same time. Good Luck to you


axxie - June 7

Hey kvc33, where are you in Canada, maybe your friend can help me, maybe email, let me know.


kvc33 - June 7

I'm in BC axxie, what kind of help do you need? It sounds like you already understand the system.


cellolady - July 27

I too am desperate and just got denied for AISH. I wondered if you know what kind of wording a person needs to put into a letter of appeal or fr the doctor to get any of these guys to take this seriously? I got thru all the stages and was denied at the final one.


kvc33 - July 31

Are you in Alberta cellolady? This is what I found on wikipedia:

The AISH Act legislation, proclaimed on May 1, 2007, and updated as of November 1, 2010, defines a “severe handicap” as “adult Albertans with a permanent disability that severely impairs their ability to earn a living.” The legal definition in the legislation defines “severe handicap” as an impairment of mental or physical functioning or both that, in the AISH director’s findings, causes substantial limitation in the person’s ability to earn a livelihood. Also, he/she is likely to continue to be affected permanently because no remedial therapy is available that would materially improve the person’s ability to earn a regular livelihood. The final decision on a client's file status is made by the AISH director, after receiving any relevant medical or psychological reports from a qualified health professional(s).[2]

As you can see the key here is to have a disability that is severe and permanent. Find out why you were denied and appeal it. See if there is someone who can help you with your application. You need to make it clear and back it up with documents that you are unable to work at any job. Get letters from any health care providers that you have seen that will back up your claim.



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