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disability entitlements
3 Replies
paul - September 4

what are your entitlments


annen - September 3

I read on the support group page that you could get disability entitlements but i don't know what they are


Joni - September 4

If you are approved through Social Security (which about 30% of people are the 1st time, rest have to hire a lawyer & appeal) you can receive disability payments according to your last 10 years of work history if you are applicable. They do not pay you for the first 5 months of not working at all. If you qualify for SSI (type of welfare), then they pay for those 5 months. There are websites that help you by examples of what to & what not to say on applications.This website will help: http://www.4socialsecurit


Joni - September 4

Once approved then you would be applicable for Medicaid, but I am unsure what those benefits are for sure regarding medications & co-pay. The SS office is very vague on what benefits you may receive. The process to apply online may take you several weeks if you can only sit maybe an hour at a time on here & wait for a time you are mentally alert. Be sure to save frequently when applying online, total number of hours to apply online maybe close to 6 approximately, depending how many Dr.'s & tests you have had regarding this illness/condition. Or you can go into the nearest SS office to apply. Then they will call you for a phone interview (an hour maybe) but usually catch u off guard, arrange another time if necessary. SS will want to know about your personal & financial situation. If you have more than $2,000 in cars or money in bank you won't qualify for SSI (equity in home does not matter though). SS will send more papers for you to sign & mail back. Then they turn it over to a case worker. They may or may not make you see one of their Dr.'s. Longevity of medical history regarding illness will help as well as listing more conditions besides Fibromyalgia. This is where I am at in process. I can update this site when I know more info. Also, if you decide later to work part-time there are work incentives available. I think you can make up to $800 a month and still receive your disability an Medicaid if approved.? Hope this helps you...



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