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LadyNae - October 25

Hey guys,
I am wondering if anyone on here is on disability due to their fibro. My doc. gave me a pretty grim diagnosis today and said I have "extreme severe chronic FMS"...which fibro is chronic I get that. I am just kind of wondering what steps one would have to take to get on disability and about how long it would take. Any advice would help. Thanks!


January - October 25

Hi Lady Nae -- I don't have much experience in this area, but I would suggest you get on it NOW rather than later. I believe you only have three years from when you stop working to file for disability - unless you want to fight hard.

First step is to call Social Security and get information from them as to how to file. I believe they will set you up with a hearing - and you can probably expect to be turned down the first time. So don't give up, keep going back. Once you've been turned down the first time, you can usually get a lawyer to help you refile until you are accepted. (Most of them won't bother with you until have tried once already.)

There are companies -- Allsup is one - and others advertise on TV - that will help you file for disability. Of course the companies and the lawyers will take a chunk of whatever you receive.

My doctor told me years ago to file for total disability -- but since I was still walking around, I figured I wasn't disabled, and I'd get better. That didn't happen, at least not to the point where I could return to the work I did. I didn't file. Then I got really sick, and didn't have the energy to deal with all the paperwork, and it all fell between the cracks. I did NOT KNOW there was a time limit. So, I would say, get on it now -- if this doctor suggested it to you, it means he is willing to certify you are disabled. Ask him for advice about what to do. Good luck with it all.


bernieg - November 11

Hi Lady Nae
I am on disability for Fibro. I had a hard time getting it, I was refused twice nd got it third time. I live in Ireland so things are a bit different here, a lot easier than the States by the sounds of it. As January said, get on to it right away it can be a long process but don't give up.
Best of luck


Fantod - November 18

I used Allsup and was approved in 6 months. They have a 98% success rate. You can find them online. They do all of the paperwork for you and are extremely nice to deal with. If you are not approved, they take nothing and help you appeal. Of all the choices available, they would be number one as far as I am concerned. Take care.



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