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9 Replies
Ruth Ballantyne - August 4

Do employers and judges grant disability to persons in severe cases of fibromyalgia with chronic pain, headaches, weak aching muscles, etc.?


stephanie - July 30

Well.. i know my rhumatologist was recently fighting for one of his patients to get disablity.. I think if you have some support behind you, its not as hard as you might think.. There are many people who screw the system though, and sometimes this makes it hard on people who are truly suffering.. talk to your doctor about it.. they may be able to guide you in the right direction...


Lynne - July 30

I am applying right now been turned down 2 times next I have to go infront of a judge. Getting disability on Fibro alone is not very good. I have Fibro, a herniated disc had surgery on the left shoulder have a torn rotator cuff in the right shoulder now my left siatic joint is fixating I use a cane on bad days and disabled parking placard and 3 doctors all have deemed me diabled. My Orthopedic surgeon, my Fibro specailist and my general practitioner. I also go to counseling once a week to help me deal with everything that has happened. Good Luck!


Judy - August 1

Good luck I have been trying to get my disability for 4 years now. I have heart cond, Asthma, had cancer, 13 surgery's, Fibro, ect.. its the age that stops me they tell me. I have already been turned down twice by Sos and once by the judge. I am waiting to go for my appeal which by the way is a two year waiting period. I My doctors have me down as disable. its very hard. But good news is I do know two people that got it for fibro and depression I guess its depends on the judge and who is repersenting you. Good luck


Tim - August 3

Judy, how old are you and and how did this all start for you. I am at the begining of this..


Judy - August 3

I am now 45, I just talked to my atty the other day she said My looks and my intelligence along with my age is against me. I couldnt beleave if you look nice they dont think you should be disable??? it is a long process..good luck..


Judy - August 3

Tim, this all started for me after I had a car accident and they couldnt get me any better. that is when they told me I had fibro. My doctor took me off work. I couldnt do my office job anymore my hands go numb when Typeing and holding a phone ECT.. So i tried doing part time work as a cashier for the extra cash we needed and couldnt do that either I couldnt get the heavy stuff away from the scanner before it rang it up several times.. I will let you know how things go for me..


Lynne - August 4

I wish the best of luck to the both of you, it seems if you are under 50 something SSD is very very hard to get ... like your age makes a difference on how disabled you are. After my accident and surgery my ortho said I could go back to work on ligh duty, ha I had an office job and when they saw me hobble through the door asking to come back they never contacted me. That same doctor now admits I have been disabled since the first day he saw me in his office.


Tim - August 4

Judy thank you for replying, I am 50 and two years ago started to fall apart no energy severe pain etc.. then I became sensitized to the dust at my work and am presently off on time loss, however the dr. is baffled about the ongoing pain as he chooses to ignore the ruematologists diag. of fibro and the physiatrist's diag. of myofacial pain, as they are not easy to get state disability for, I have just lost my insurance from work as I can't afford it on what I am getting now. I hope you have better luck in the future pursuing your disability keep up the good fight..
Ruth, my employer has done every thing he can to protect his bottom line like dropping my group health benifits I hope you have better luck..


Jenny - August 4

Ruth, I have fibro and myofascial pain. I am currently going to scoolto be reetrained in an area that I am able to work in. I am going through a program Called VESID. I don't know if you have one where ou live, but if you do it's a good place to start. The take care of everything fr you. They pay for my schooling and my daycare, And my rep will help when I decide to apply, which I think will be soon. It also helps if you have an attorney that specializes in it. There is an organization called Allsup, that takes care of only social secutiry and disability. Google it , They take care of everyhting for you. Good Luck



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