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6 Replies
Dani - July 8

I am 48 and I have had fibro for about 20 years and it has gotten progressively worse with every year that passes- to the point where I can no longer work -
Has anyone successfully gotten on disability for fibromyagia and how did they accomplish it?


Chris - June 22

Haven't had any luck here, I'm not in the USA though, I don't know if you'd have any luck there.


P.J. - June 22

I finally got my disability last year. I was denied my first try, but with the help of a good SSI lawyer I finally started receiving it last March. I'm not sure if my fibromyalgia got me the disability or all the other symptoms associated with it; i.e., depression, onset of osteoarthritis, etc. It'll take some paper work on your part and a good doctor who understands your pain and can help you build your case.


Judy - June 26

I am 45 I have been trying to get my disability too. I was denied and waiting to go before the judge a 2nd time. I hear it is very hard. I do know a couple of people who got it that are about our age..Good luck


Sabrina - July 8

I'm 41 and I too have had it for a while and it gets progressivly worse each year. I've been out of work for the past 10 months. After my denial of Request for Reconsideration, I finally called a lawyer. I meet with them on the 18th. Hopefully someone else will finally fight for me now. If you haven't yet, get a lawyer! All the best to you.


pmj - September 25

hi dani. You can get ok'd for fibro but I swear its what ever desk the request lands on. A friend much younger than I applied and had $ within 2 months! That is the only success story I know of. I tried 3 times, this third time I did hire a lawyer who will gladly take 25% of the settlement but wil be worth it. Always appeal your denial, eventually your settlement will be great, its retro to the first time you apply as long as you appeal. I did not and have lost a lot of money for it, but I didn't know and was to "ashamed", "embarrased", something to ask for help. Im still trying but I think I'm wearing em down! Oh and thank you for your reply reg: medications in the ER about just asking for Toradol. Its so nice to hear tha others know what i'm talkin about.! My family dosen't. APPEAL, and hang in, it takes a long time but will be worth it in the end. pmj


Virg - September 25

Hi Dani, I'm on disability. Where do you
live if you don't mind my asking. I'm in
B.C. Canada



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