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Maura A. - September 26

I had my hearing last Nov. 30, 2005 and just yesterday received a letter saying no to disability. I have had it. I never felt so low. It was bad timing by the judge because I have been in bed since Friday. I could have taken the news better if I was not sick. Why don't they believe people? Have any of you been approved? And what do you do with no income coming in? THanks I am just having a bad day. Maura


Lynne-FT - September 26

I am so sorry I suspect this to be my out come also so I am not even excited that a hearing has yet to be scheduled. Thank goodness I am not homeless and on the streets.
I would re-apply!


Virg - September 26

Dear Maura, I am so sorry for your outcome. If its not too personal would you let me know where one has to go infront of a judge to prove disability. Maybe I might have some insight but can't say for sure. I live in B.C. Canada
and we do get disability help.


Maura A. - September 27

The first time I filled was in March 2003 and I should say I live in Ohio. In June 2003 I reveived a letter saying no so I did all the paper work again and in Sept. 2003 again received a no answer. That's when I went to a lawyer and he tried it agian with the same results. The next step was in Jan. 2004 he asked to see a judge. We never saw her until Nov. 2005 in Mansfield, Ohio. It was a tape conversation. She was in Columbus and we were in Mansfield. This is all done with the State of Ohio, U.S.A. So this past Monday I recieved the letter saying no. I called my lawyer yesterday and he was with another client so I hope he will call today. I think I have one more option. Thank you for asking Virg. I have been told that Ohio is the hardest State in the U. S. A. to get help from. Thank you and Lynne-FT for your concern. Monday was just a bad day.


Virg - September 27

Hi again, hope its a better day for you.
Thanks for sharing. You say you fill out paper work. Along with paper work I had
letters from my counsellor, friend, any person of some kind of influence. If you
haven't already done that it might be worth a try. All the best and Good Luck.


Jeanie - October 4

I also filed for SSD and was rejected the first time. Then I went and got a lawyer. Now you wait, that's stressful enough. It will be awhile before I get a hearing. I also filed for NYS Retirement Disablity and have to go to all kinds of Drs. Some of them are arrogant and rude because they don't understand. I had to sell my home and find HUD housing somewhere. With no money see if you can get Public Assistance. Even it you can't get that at least try for food stamps. I am only a little over the limit for Public Assistance, but I do get Food Stamps and Family Health Plus which is a blessing. You may feel ashamed to go and apply, but don't. If you worked, you paid taxes into the system. It's actually your own money your using. Even food pantry's. Don't go hungry. But the money part is so hard. I have borrowed, but I can't do that anymore. I do have co-pays and need gas money and I have tried all kinds of resources and have not found one yet. I'm sorry to say, but it get's hard. Yes, I am having a bad week also, with the pain and the stress. Good thing I see my phsycologist next week. If it weren't for her, my phsycatrist, and especially God I'd never have made it this far. God bless you, good luck and hugs.


barbar - October 4

Jeannie, This may sound odd but try church. Many church's have alm's funds and these can be very useful. Our's is a very wealthy church and have even paid folks' rent when they needed it. Maura, try a lawyer that specializes in FMS cases. They are out there and they get excellent results.


rachelr - October 6

Apply and get denied three times straight. Then get an attorney. You'll get retroactive from first filing (though they love to say only file once and go through all appeals with final determination). A co-patient did it that way and was approved along with her medicare. The interim is very hard money wise. You literally have to have no income for yourself for them to consider the last day of work. I got ssd but because of other medical issues along with fms.


JoniB - October 6

I have been denied twice from SSD. I have now hired a lawyer and plan to go in front of an administrative law judge whenever they schedule the hearing. I quit work Dec. 2004. This all takes more time then I thought...I live in Iowa.


Maura A. - November 2

I wanted to thank everyone for all the information. My lawyer has been gathering information and we will be asking the court to look over the decision. They can either change it, send it back to the Judge to look over again or do nothing. This could take from 3 months to over a year. Then I wonder if it would be another year for the judge to review her decision??? But I really appreciate all your help. It is so nice to have this site to come to. I have gotten much information from the questions people have asked. Thanks again. Maura


Amyloo - November 2

Maura, Good luck on the disability. It truely is a test to go through this system in pain! It would be hard if we felt good. I am currently guiding my sister through the process and she is finding it quite overwhelming. I was blessed to be approved in one and a half years; when I went in front of the judge I just went in being the very real person that I am. I do think SSD makes it laborious so that people don't use it that don't really need it. I am hopeful that there is other assistance for you while you wait. God bless. Amy


TERESA - November 3

I have been told that a lawyer WILL NOT even take your case unless you have been trying for AT LEAST a year!!! Since they will be GETTING 25-30% of your settlement :( , it will not be worth their time!!!!


Maura A. - November 3

I first sent in the paper work for disability Marych 2003. After 2 times I got a lawyer. We did try again and then asked to see a judge. I saw the judge last Nov. 30, 2005 and recieved the no answer to disability this past Sept. Now will think it will be another year or more. I am getting $115.00 a month from the state to help with medical bills. And was very lucky to get on a program that pays most of my perscriptons. It has been very interesting. You think at first you can do it with out help but soon learn it does not work that way.



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