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Noca - November 13

For chronic pain caused by FMS, my bone disease, or otherwise I take an opioid pain killer called Dilaudid. This drug and type of drug kills your testosterone levels when used for a long period of time. To fix it, I would need testosterone injections. A side effect of the injections would be that I can NEVER have kids, ever!

Low testosterone levels could cause depression, but then again so can chronic pain. I dont plan on having kids anyways cause of a genetic bone disease I have which would have a 50% chance of being passed on to any kids I have. There is however that slight chance that science will advance enough to be able to fix my genes so I can have kids later in my life.

I'm confused as to what to do... Any help or advice?


bwelladjusted - November 13

I really feel bad for you. I'm still young and single, so I haven't had kids yet either. But I can't think of anything I want more! It would be so hard to have to make such a decision.
The first thing I would look at is what the dangers of low testosterone are, besides depression. (For example, I saw one site that said low testosterone can eventually cause an increased risk of diabetes.) Then look to see what side effects or dangers are involved with the testosterone shot. And don't just take it from your doctor, check the internet as well and do your own research. Then you can compare the benefits and risks and decide the best course of action. Although I don't really know anything about them, I know there are two natural testosterone supplements called Testarol and ZMA.You might look into those and try them first...maybe they'll surprise you and you won't need the shots after all. Make sure to tell your doctor and be closely monitored, however.
That being said, if you feel you do need the shot, I would get it. Unless you are very young, the odds of science having such a major breakthrough while you are still of childbearing age are not probably that good anyway. I wouldn't risk my health for such a long shot. If you and your spouse are open to it, you might consider adopting. There are tons of beautiful children who need a good home.
I will be praying for you as you make this decision. Gentle hugs!


axxie - November 14

Get the shots, you are thinking far too much. Or better yet, get your little offsprings frozen in time. In the off chance you decide to have little rug rats.



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