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digestion problems?
6 Replies
peachmelba - October 26

hi there i'm new to this so please be patient, thanks. i have horrific gastric problems i'm always belching or bringing food back and certain foods i alway's bring back up like salad stuff. also does anyone have pain somtimes in there ribs when breathing in ,like your lungs are touching them and chronic back pain on and around your shoulder blades, if so please let me not be the only person?


trans - October 26

Hi and welcome to this site. Yes, I have had all the symptoms you were talking about. The rib cage pain was the first that I remember.

My best advise is to educate yourself and get the best doc possible to help you manage this monster. Mentally you have to stay strong and keep fighting it and not let it get the best of you. I have had it more than 36 years. It took me forever to get a diagnosis and now there is so much out there available to us. Best of luck to you.


VictoriaB - October 27

Yes, all of the above, the rib pain is without doubt the worst symptom I have because when you're pain all over, it's bad but when it hurts to breathe or you feel like your chest is going to implode, it's almost unbearable. It would be for me without my meds!! Blessings!!


libertykitty - October 27

The only symptom I share with you is the shoulder pain. My neurologist and physical therapist have both told me that my shoulder pain, neck pain, and headaches are all from bad posture. Apparently I have a weak lower back and this makes problems radiate up my back. I've been told to just make an effort to sit up straight and sit with both feet flat on the floor hip-width apart. Your pain might be something else, but I thought I'd share a possibility.


Fantod - October 27

Hello peachmelba and welcome to the group. There is a lot of good information on this site. Take some time to read the information located on the lefthand side of this page. Going through other people's posts is also helpful. With regards to your gastric problems, GERD is a very common problem with FMS. I have been on an OTC acid reliever for quite some time. Have you talked to your doctor about this? It is nothing to ignore as stomach acid can burn the esphogas lining which can lead to other issues. Rib pain is another "perk" of FMS. The proper name is costochondritis. The back pain you are describing can be associated with costochondritis. The cause of this condition is generally unknown but it can be the result of trauma to the rib cage, a viral infection or part of an inflammatory disease. Costochondritis may be caused by hypermobility of the anterior end of the costal cartilage. Most often, the tenth rib is the source of pain because, unlike ribs one through seven which attach to the sternum, the eighth, ninth and tenth ribs are attached at the back to each other by loose, fibrous tissue. This provides increased mobility, but a greater susceptibility to trauma.
Costochondritis is also more likely to occur in the lower ribs because of the poor blood supply to the cartilaginous tissue and ligaments. Injury to the cartilage tissue in the lower ribs or the sternocostal ligaments in the upper ribs often does not completely heal naturally.
The ribs are attached in the front, as well as in the back of the body. A loose rib in the front is likely also to be loose in the back. Unexplained upper back pain between the shoulder blades and pain in the rib vertebrae are likely due to joint laxity and/or weakness in the associated ligaments. There are a couple of things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. A sports bra or no bra may be a better option on the days when you have an option. Some people find that heat helps. The stick on mini heat pads that help relieve cramps are great. You could stick one on the back of your blouse in the shoulder area or anywhere else that is painful. You could also try a OTC sports cream to help relieve the pain. Again, this is something you need to talk to your doctor about. Establishing a good dialog is very important when dealing with FMS. You can always use google to sort out symptoms to some degree. For example if you google
"rib pain fibromyalgia" one of the first results google pulls up is about costochondritis. Google is not a substitute for your doctor. If your doctor is not fibro-friendly, go to the National Fibromyalgia Asssociation website and ask them for a couple of referrals in your area. I hope my response has been helpful to you in some way. Take care.


peachmelba - October 27

hi everybody i am so pleased with the response i have had. i've had fibro nearly four years now and all i can say is that it's getting worse especially now the weather is getting colder. its nice to know i actually have the same symptoms as other people .(well its not nice but you know where i'm coming from, hopefully). i'm pleased i'm not alone because sometimes i think i'm going mad or no one believes me.


recross - October 28

you are not alone,I have problems with greens and salad fooods as well,I avoid them or eat only little bits at a time
The breathing thing I seem to get also when I seem to be unable to digest foods in a timely mannor,especially when I try to lay down at night and go to bed. I dont make it very long and am up because of acid reflux,which leads to major pain in my back because I cant get relaxed enough for it to ease the pain from staying upright and tense allday.
Watch what you eat and dont eat much of anything is my way of dealing with it.
good luck



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