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difficulty getting a deep breath at times please help
9 Replies
ralph - February 18


does anyone else out there ever feel like it is difficult at times to get a deep breath.
i don't have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing when walking or exerting any energy. usually at rest i find it hard sometimes to get that deep breath.
i have been diagnosed with fibro. didn't know if this is associated with fibro.
i am a 38 year old male. can anyone relate.
thank you


Suffering - February 18

I suggest you contact your doctor A.S.A.P.


susan333 - November 11

I have suffered from shortness of breath for 12 months now and it is driving me crazy. I feel like I cannot get enough oxygen to my head. I have found futher details on the following sites: "The Final Frontier - the human brain", also on this website and on the fmaware website. Do a google search on breathing and fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately, I have not found the solution but somethings I find that help are: learing to breathe properly (this pushes the pain barrier though); massage to ribcage/chest and Baclofen taken at night time releases my muscles and I can breather again for a few hours in morning and I guess while I am sleeping.

I am now considering getting an oxygen tank for short-term relief and to boost my oxygen levels.


andi - November 12

I think FM sufferers have intense least I do! I have panic attacks quite often. It seems that my inability to catch a deep breath is associated with this anxiety. PLUS, have you noticed how the more you think about it, the harder it is to get a goooood deep breath?


Pajamakitty - November 12

Yes, I also experience this OFTEN. I'm also not sure if it's related, but I sym pathize--I get lightheaded from it sometimes and yawn a lot to try to get a refreshing breath.


Kimber2270 - November 13

I had this problem as well for a few months. I found out that low adrenal function can cause this. Now that I am on the homoepathic meds and my thyroid and adrenal function are in a normal range, I have not had this problem.


mmeyer - November 13

I too have this problem and it also occurs in the middle the night. From what I have read it's a central nervous misfire and can be related to thyroid or adrenal glands.


barbar - November 13

Now that you mention it, I can't sing because my lungs just don't have the power. I wonder if we're not oxygenating properly?


asilinc298 - November 22

Yes I am 49 and I get this too, and I aslo just have general shortness of breath, sometimes after I climb the stairs in my home I feel like I have run a mile.


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?



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