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different meds?
9 Replies
dannape - January 12

Hey all, it's been awhile since i've been here. Was diagnosed about 4 or 5 months started me on cymbalta 30 mg for a few weeks then upped it to 60 and i cannot tolerate it. I am SO exhausted,i can't stay awake..i emailed him and he told me to take it every other day, but the pharmacist was like "why"? so you're exhausted every other day? I want him to put me on something else, and was wondering what medications worked best for any of you, without being wiped out ALL the time.

Any help would be appreciated.
Peggy from Ohio

ps, i haven't taken anything for the past few weeks, and i am really starting to hurt, and my sleep pattern at night is just awful, i'm up every hour or two, tossing and turning.


Fantod - January 12

Peggy- First of all, you need to be on more than just Cymbalata for Fibromyalgia (FMS). You should also be on a sleep medication. This is a crucial part of treating FMS. The reason that you need a sleep medication is relatively simple. FMS interrupts the deep sleep cycle with short bursts of high intensity brain activity. Your muscles need deep sleep in order to repair themselves from the days activities. No deep sleep means higher levels of pain. Until you can see someone else, go and get some Melatonin, or Calms Forte or Mid-Nite to help you sleep. You can find these items at the Vitamin Shoppe or any decent health food store.

Did you have the same problem with 30 mg of Cymbalata?

Have you tried Lyrica or Savella?

Have you been tested for a vitamin D deficiency?
A deficiency can contribute to higher pain levels and fatigue.

How is your diet? Do you eat smaller high protein meals spread out throughout the day?

Have you tried a sublingual B12 with folic acid tablet to help with your energy issues?

You could try Curamin to help with pain. This is a spice that comes in a highly purified form in capsules for this application. It is very effective. I use it everyday to help with breakthrough pain. You can also find this at any decent health food store or online.

There is no set formula to treat FMS. Everyone is on different medication and doseages. What works for me, may or may not work for you.

Your doctor is apparently not interested and/or unwilling to help you. You need to find someone else that will work in a collaborative manner with you. Call your local hospital and see if they can match you up with a rheumotologist that has an interest in FMS. You can also go online to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and see who treats FMS in your area. Not all doctors are created equal.

And finally, I'd like to suggest that you go on and order Fibromyalgia for Dummies. Like all of the dummies series it contains good, basic information on FMS. Knowledge is power. Take care and good luck to you.


dannape - January 12

Thank you for ALL the info..cymbalta was what he started me on,,i was just diagnosed a few months ago.. he gave me 30 mg for the first month for free, 30 mg did ok, but the script he wrote up when i saw him was for 60 mg, and when i emailed and said the 30 were fine but i was having trouble with the 60 mg, he told me just to take one every other day, and that does NOT work for me, he doesn't seem to get that.

I also take 2 tramadols at night, otherwise the pain and aching would keep me up all night. i did try the melatonin, and they did make me sleep but i was so groggy halfway through the next day, and they didnt' like it at the bank when i was dozing at my window :) lol

diet is not great, could be better, i'm getting ready to buy an exercise machine, maybe that will help some. I have a follow up appt with him in march, and i hope he calls a different med in before that, or it's not going to be a productive appointment.




dannape - January 15

I emailed my dr, he emailed back, and he's gonna switch me to amtryptiline (sp) he wants me to start with 10 mg , 30 min before bedtime, try it for a month, if the pain, sleep and fatigue don't inprove, up it to 20 mg for a month, and keep increasing it monthly, til i find a dose that works for me.

Does anyone take this? How do you feel about this switch?


Fantod - January 15

Peggy - Amitriptyline is commonly used to treat sleep issues associated with FMS. I've used it and had no problems. I assume he is replacing the Cymbalta with Amitriptyline. I fail to see why you can not be taking 30mg of Cymbalta if it did not bother you and a low dose of Amitriptyline at night. My gut feeling is that you need to see someone else. I think a second opinion would be very benefical at this point. After five months, you should be in a better position than you are now. Take care.


January - January 16

Hi. I had a bad time w/Cymbalta, 60 mg. Weight gain and increased blood sugar (not good for you). I hate it when they throw big doses at you when lower doses work fine. Remember, some drs. get incentives from Big Pharma. to prescribe so you have to control things. It's good to talk to your pharmacist! These drugs all have side effects! I worked out a good routine with melatonin (take it earlier?) and low-dose Ambien. Fantod is right, the Vit. D is very helpful, and see someone else! good luck + feel better


dannape - January 16

Is amtriptyline and nortryptiline the same thing? i just realized that he prescribed nortryptiline.

January, thanks for sharing your story...Personally i would've been fine on the 30 mg of cymbalta, but he said i could take 60 every other day, or switch to something else...he must think it's the same as taking a 30 every day, but it is not.

I pick up the new meds this afternoon, will post again after i see how they do in a few weeks or so.


George - January 16

As said you must sleep first, and you have great advise from Fantod. Lyrica is good, but for price you can use gabapentin, it is almost the same...

But I want to comment on exercise, this is very tricky with cfs of fm. Before you invest in a machine (dont know what you have in mind), you should know your body. Usually we respond badly to exercise, and actually physical malaise is one of the crucial symptoms.

I still do exercise, and even had been doing it when I was bed bound, since we are still from bone and flesh, and some stretch muscle and blood circulation both helps and makes it worst...


Noca - January 17

dannape - Amitriptyline and Nortriptyline are not the same thing. Both are Tricyclic anti-depressants but they are two seperate drugs/chemical compounds.


dannape - January 18


That is why i dont' exercise now, i hurt worse after, but i saw on qvc a mini eliptical, you can use it standing or sitting down, and it's not very expensive (under $100), thought i would give it a try, start off small and build up as tolerance allows.

Started on the nortriptyline a couple nights ago, ad it works great...I have had 2 solid nights of sleep, and i havne't had that in quite some time..i feel really good today, energized, so i'm excited. I'm sure my level of fms is not 1/2 as bad as most of the people who post here, so i'm blessed to have a small dosage of medicine to work for me.



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