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diet soda's
6 Replies
Sylvia - October 3

can to many diet sodas cause this condition I have head aches on a regular basis i also drink diet sodas on a regular basis. fact is I 6to9 of them a day and the head aches are starting to get bad i have to take excedrin twice a day and i also get dizzie spells and take pseudoepedrine all that i can take in a day please give me your opinion about this thing with diet sodas with aspertiame and can it cause or do you think it may cause fibromyalgia symptoms thanks


Jean - September 22

I would lay off the diet sodas. I drink it sometimes. Aspartame is said by the FDA not to be dangerous to your health but there are some people who can not take or are allergic to the phenelynium (sp) agent put in aspartame. It can cause headaches etc. My advice would be to go to a diet drink with splenda and see how that will affect you. Again it is still artificial but it doesn't hurt to try. I do not beieve it causes the fibromyalgia symptoms but if you want to find out for sure about it take the aspartame test. Stay off aspartame for 3 months and see if your symptoms get better. Hope I could help and please let me know how it goes or e-mail me at [email protected]


Heather - September 23

Well, I have actually heard that aspartame is terrible for people. I like diet pepsi, but was told to drink it in moderation, because people who ingest too may substances containing aspartame can get what is called "aspartame poisoning" which can lead to coma and possible death...Maybe it's a crock, but this is what a fellow student told me (I am in my last year in nursing). I beleive it is in happened to this man who was addicted to pepsi, but he was dieting and switched to diet pepsi and was drinking like 12 cans/day, plus adding Sweet 'n Low to his coffee and cereal, etc. It was alot!


Jennifer - September 30

Sweet-N-Low is not Aspartame, it's Saccharin. Nutrasweet and Equal are Aspartame.


Anne - September 30

same here, i was told to lay off things like soft drink, and diet cokes. But it was ok for me, i am allergic to them. however, i did find a diet of less sugar stopped a lot of headaches and helped with some of my FMS pain.


trsih - September 30

Sylvia, I have MS and might have fms also. I know I have a diag of ms. I also know that diet pop is not good with MS. I have had chronic dizziness for over 8yrs now with the ms and a inner ear problem. I quit diet pop used to drink alot of it too. I have read many articles about how the nutrasweet or whatever is not good for MS or dizziness. I did improve some when I quit the diet pop. I drink reg pop now but not as much is better than the dizziness being worse. I fdrink alot of water too. I am on antivert for the chronic dizziness 2x a day for yrs now. Hope yours gets better, tc, trish


Friday - October 3

NutraSweet (aspartame) is EVIL! LOL! I don't drink/eat it (or MSG) at all anymore. If I drink a single diet soda with NutraSweet, I will have a dramatic increase in body pain!



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