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valjoy - February 8

Good Morning Everyone. I have chronic Fibro. and have decided on 1st January (New Years Resolution) to go onto a gluten free diet and it really helps. After a meal I don't fall into an exhausted heap, I feel wheat is bad and all the preserves etc... don't help. I am on a meat, vegie and spelt bread diet, rice cereal for breakfast with fruit and it is all helping me. Please try it, read your labels and don't buy tinned foods. It works. Rhodiola is another herb that helps with the exhaustion and brain fog, check this out at your chemist. If you find Rholiola and Withania together that is even better or buy a bottle of each. TRY IT!!!


kvc33 - February 9

I don't mean to burst your bubble but spelt is a species of wheat and contains gluten. You can only have rice if you want to go gluten-free.


Tspringer - February 9

My wife has been doing a "slow-carb" diet for the past 5 weeks and so far she has seen definite improvement in some symptoms. She has also lost 5 pounds and is very excited about that!

A slow-carb diet is focused on protein and fiber. One general rule... if a food is white or can be white then its not allowed. Exceptions are cauliflower and such.

No bread, no potato, no rice, no fruit. One day a week is free day... pig out on whatever you want. Doing this is actually key as it keeps your metabolism from adjusting.

Google slow-carb diet and you will find more info, lots of great info out there. IT can be very repetitive... Michele is eating the same meals over and over during the week but they are tasty (stir fry chicken stuff... fajitas... just no rice or tortilla)



January - February 11

Hi Valjoy, I'm glad the gluten free diet is helping.

I've been gluten free for five years. There are different forms of gluten intolerance, or allergy - or celiac disease. Supposedly some people can tolerate spelt, quinoa and special brands of oats (not me). I agree with kvc33 - you might want to stay away from spelt for the best results. I avoid ALL cereal grains except for rice; I tried tapioca bread - which seemed OK in small amounts but it's very crumbly.

After a year of being gluten free I felt so much better. A few years ago, I broke down and had one hot dog on a bun. OMG, I paid for that with serious pain that lasted a couple months!



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