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Did You Know What You Had Before Being Diagnosed?
2 Replies
Emmay25 - January 9

I have been having pain in my lower and upper body for just over a few years now...This includes pain in the knees and folds of my arms as well as my whole arm/leg every now and then... Also my inner thigh gets so bad that it feels like giving out sometimes and almost does... I also suffer from headaches and bad cramping around that time of the month... Also I have had some bad chest problems where I almost thought I was having a heart attack and also my vision gets bad every now and then and had gone to the eye doctors but he says everything is fine with them... So I was just wondering when you had gone to the Doctor did you have in mind what it might have been? I am just asking this because the only place we have to go in town is the Hospital because all the Family doctor's are full... Any help would be greatly appreciated I am just a little confused on what it might be and would like to have advice from people who do suffer from this.

Thank you.


Gabbie - January 9

Hello Emmay25. I also had widespread pain for several years, but kept blaming it on other things, ie. bad knees, sciatica, too much computer (wrists hurting), fibrofog (which I blamed on changes) and pretty much all the other symptoms as well. At first these things came randomly and not all at once, but about 1-1/2 years ago, the pain was so bad and I had other symptoms along with that so I went to my regular MD who took some blood tests. Nothing showed up and he suggested I see a rheum. In the meantime I looked up my many symptoms and fibromyalgia kept coming up on the sites since that was the one thing that described all my problems to a T. I did go to a rheum, who took more blood tests to rule out other things and although I suspected fibro, I waited for his diagnosis which he did say for certain that I have fibromyalgia. There are other things that mimic fibro to a certain degree, so it is very important that you see a rheumatologist so he/she can rule out those other things. This forum is a wonderful place to share the many problems of fibro and there are many other places on the web that give information, but again I stress that it is very important that you see a specialist first and not self-diagnose. Good luck to you.


JJ1 - January 11

I had no idea what I had before diagnosis. I kept going to orthopedic docs for my various leg and arm and shoulder aches and a gastroentrologist for stomach and gp for everythign else. Finally the ortho said I should see a rheumatologist and that is where it all came together.



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