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did people have fms years ago - why now?
2 Replies
yannie - January 27

I read the forum and all the symptoms fms presents and then it occurred to me I never recalled my older family members having this like i have had for many years. There was cancer and heart disease but not what millions of us are struggling with now. Maybe they didn't complain or it was diagnosed as something else but look at how different lifestyles were then and now.. Environmental changes have to be part of this but as a child my food was from the garden,meals were prepared from scratch. and no convenience junk food, no pop ,seldom candy and lots of hard work.We walked to stores and schools and work. Life had stress but not the fast pace pressure families have today. I like the conveniences we enjoy today - but maybe it came with a pricetag we never saw coming? I'm not calling those times the good old days - but since I have gone back to simple basic changes I do feel better for a 61 year old lady. After treating my fibro for years with pills, I am being helped more by giving up a pop addiction, sugar, and those convenience foods as much as I can. Mornings are painful but the more i move, the better goes my day! The one vitamin I do take is sublingual vit B12 which has alleviated 80% of my foot and hand numbess and burning.Try to be aware of your cleaning products, sprays, and what you eat and drink. Maybe my family was spared my illness and others will write in and comment they have a family history going back many years.


JJ1 - January 27

I am pretty sure it has been around for a while. It is only recently that all the symptoms have been lumped together in a syndrome. My mother tired easily and took naps every day. She also had "arthritis" problems at an early age. She also had IBS. So I am suspicious that she also had Fibromyalgia, but no one knew what to call it back in her day.


teresat - January 27

I agree JJ1. There have been many illness that were not named or "so called discovered" till much later, but that doesn't mean that they didn't exist. People research illnesses, discover causes...etc, then somewhere long the journey, they name the illness. My grandfather had RA as did he's mom & her dad...etc, they didn't have a name for it back then, but they all had it! I now have other auto-immune dieseases as do many others in my family ( I have lupus & so did my grandfather's sister). My mother seems to have missed these illnesses (LUCKY HER), but you never can tell!!



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