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Did my symptoms related to Fibro?
3 Replies
surya2509 - August 14

Hello, I am male 34 with bunch of problems alover my body. Please read below for my series of symptoms

1. Dizziness 24/7 - Its not vertigo but i feeel unstudyness like i am moving like a pendulum. - Consulted many ENT and they suggested meds (Cinnarizine, Ginkobilabo, vertin...) the meds didnt help me to get out from my dizziness

2. Sharp pain mostly at left side of body and occationally right side - Its like pins and needles sensation in fingers and numbness , mild electric shock feeling - For this i have consulted a Neuro and had nerve conduction studies, MRI Brain, Spine... (normal results but Vit B12 is borderline)

3. Occationally i am facing double vison / blurr vison and it will come back normal on its own after 10 minuts.

4. Headachs (both side) espicially temple sides, and i feel like bugs crawling / water trickling under right side sclap.

5. Burning sensation allover my body (most of the time notice at feet and palms). its like i stand up on a hot coal.

4. Tightness / pain in chest and feeling palpitations - for this i have consulted a Cardiologist and took ECG, Holtermonitor (Holter shows i have 58bpm and ECG shows 105bpm)

Note: Also undergone for many blood tests and everything is fine, I have a blood pressure between 150/60 to 160/90.

The symptoms are really affects my daily life / job.. i am unable to spend time with my family and childerns.

I am a smoker and social drinker



surya2509 - August 14

Also: I feel muscle twitching / tightness and spasms


nikita3 - August 15

Hi surya2509,

When I read your first symptom about dizziness my immediate reaction was a vitamin B deficiency, although there are many other illnesses of which dizziness is a symptom.

Then when you said in your second point that your vitamin B12 was borderline, then that made sense. The symptoms you describe all seem to be consistent with a vitamin B deficiency that has been going on for some time - dizziness, pins and needles, blurry vision, headaches, heart palpitations.

I would suggest that you take a vitamin B complex supplement every day for a few months, up to six months, and see if that helps your symptoms. If not, then you can at least rule that out. I don't know if you have tried them before, or for how long, or if you take any vitamins, but it would also be good to take a multivitamin every day. Smoking depletes the body of so many vitamins and minerals and it is hard to make up for all of those lost through diet alone.

These are just suggestions, but I'm not a doctor of any kind and it's always best to talk to your doctor in conjunction with trying anything new. I'm just going on my experience of what I know as I have a grandmother with a vitamin B deficiency. You might like to research vitamin B deficiency on the net and I hope this info helps you x


surya2509 - August 15

Hi nitika.
Thanks four immediate reply.

I have my big b12 checked in year 2011 and then I took mithylcobalomin for few months and stopped. As part of routine bloodtest I again tested the level and if was rises 500 (normal is200-800). I am not underany medication now. Still I am consulting Neuro and cardio and ent to find the causes,they are giving best to find the problem but coudnt. Thought it might be medical mistery. Finally I myself decided that my symptoms related to FBM.




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