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did anyone try prednosone for inflammation?
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boohoo - September 9

i have been taking aleve for weeks now, and i'm still down for the count, it usually kicks in yet, it isn't and my stomach is messed up.
i called my pd and he denied a prednozone "z pack", yet, 3 years ago, he gave it to me and i started to feel better...what's up with that!
am i wrong about prednizone.
thanks alot for any respones
i cannot take any other scripts that are out there for this horrible affliction


Fantod - September 9

Your primary care doctor was absolutely right in refusing to give you a z pack of prednisone. Prednisone weakens the immune system and should not be used with any frequency. There is no inflammation associated with FMS that would require prednisone. If prednisone was effective than something else is going on other than FMS.

Do you see a rheumotologist for Fibromyalgia (FMS)? OTC medication is not effective with FMS. I am very sensitive to medication and take low doses of amitrityline, gabapentin and cymbalta. I use homeopathic medication to take up the slack. You might want to consider seeing holistic doctor to see if they can help. Take care.


pfiinch - September 9

Don't take aleve it messes with the somache and if you do don't drink and don't lay down.It sits in your stomache and you will end up with a terriable stomache ache.


axxie - September 10

Stay away from Aleve and yes your doctor was right about not giving you the z pack.

This will not help you in fighting FMS. What you need is a talk with your primary physician.

You may ask him to send you to a specialist for testing, so you know what you need.


boohoo - September 10

thanks for your replies! i have to self pay for my prescriptions, so it's hard for me to pay for a monthly script.
he is sending me for bloodwork, yet i have no clue of what bloodwork is being done!


Fantod - September 10

Most of the pharmaceutical companies offer assistance to people that can not afford their prescriptions. Google the name of the drug and find the manufacturer. Go to their website and search for their program to help pay for your prescription. Take care.



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