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diagnosis of fibromyalgia
2 Replies
jana - March 6

hi guys...
i read these pages on fibromyalgia after endless googling of croatian pages available on it (i m from Croatia) and i am interested in the way (examinations, tests, etc) doctors diagnose this sindrom...i see many of you have actually been diagnosed with it...
i suffer from severe muscle pain for over 6 months now, particullary in my legs (hips, knees, muscles above and below knees), bu also back and hands sometime...the pain in constant and i feel it also upon a touch (i.e. massage)...except that i feel week and sleepy, dizzy and sick sometimes, like i am about to get a cold etc...(i also have pains in my lower jaw and around face sometimes)...
anyhow, i have visited a neurologist and immunologist, done MRU scan of brain and neck, all blood tests (regular + immune), hormons, EMNG testing of legs and arms, evoke potentials for all nerves, ultrasounds, resulsts have shown anything out of order until now...the neurologist i am seeing is giving up on me, does not want to take me into the hospital for further tests, and sends me home each time with another test to do if i m lucky...he has never mentioned fibro and i m wondering is that because it is a sindrom that is not well known and accepted in medicine today, or he just rouled that out based on something (dont know what as it really looks like fibro to me at this point)...
i am sorry for being so long...i m kindly asking you to write what did your doctors do (what they rouled out) before making you a diagnose??????


Fantod - March 6

Jana - If you look under Fibromyalgia symptoms/diagnosis and tests on this site you will find a chart that indicates pressure points on the body. This is how most of us were diagnosed by a rhuemotologist. If these spots ( at least 11) are sore to the touch than is is likely that you have fibromyalgia. Print that section out and take it with you to the doctor. Many of them do not know or are unwilling to acknowledge that fibromyalgia exists. Take care.


jana - March 6

thanks a lot for your answer Fantod...I have seen the pressure points and will surely ask the doctor about it...i was just wondering - could i recognize and examine the pain at these points by myself, or does it take a doctor who knows exactly how to create the pressure and examine the pain if any?? I am asking this because at a first sight, i would not say i am in pain exactly on this points (except hips and knees maybe)...tnx again:)



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