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Linda Keays - September 23

I have all of the major symptoms of fibromyalgia, including memory loss, poor concentration and ability to process information, sleep disruptions, generalized and chronic muscle pain, and chronic fatigue and depression. I have had chronic problems with anemia which adversely affects intellectual processing, fatigue, memory etc. also I am having difficulty putting my thought s in logical order... How do I get diagnosed? I have gone to my Doc. for these symptoms for years. He seems preoccupied with visible injuries. Helllllp.


tonyab1838 - September 23

You need to see a Rheumatologist, a regular GP is not going to be able to determine if it is FMS. I hope that this helps. Take care of yourself and God bless!


Jan - September 23

Sadly nothing about FM is visible, that is why it is callled the invisible syndrome. You need to find a doctor who will listen to you, and what you are going through, rather than a dr who is more interested in test results, or what they can or cannot see


Jean - September 23

My advice to you is to see a rheumatologist for diagnosis and make sure he/she is well versed in this condition. Also sleep deprevation does react on memory and fatigue which will in turn flare your fibro. If your doctor can not or wil not give you anything for sleep such as ambien or lunesta or for depression I would advise to be refered to a pshyciatrist , don't get excited, I say this because they have the most experience in controlling and monitoring these types of medication to get your system back in tune. Take it from me it helps. I prefer getting doctors who specialize in these certain disorders to get the best of care. Also if you are having anemia problems an endocrinologist is the one to see. Talk to your GP on a referral to get your hormones and glands tested to make sure they are doing the job in your body suffitiently and if they are not you will be given supplementation to fix the problem otherwise getting you back to feeling better. Now this will not get rid of the Fibro but it can help eliviate or control your symptoms. Let me know how things go. [email protected]



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