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diagnosed 2 weeks ago
5 Replies
Nicky6310 - January 1

I just want to know if anyone has similar symptoms. My doctor was not sure what was wrong with me but was very sypathetic. It started out 3 months ago with pain in my left arm like i had pulled a muscle. Then it spread to my other arm by my elbow. My arms are so painful i cant even lift up a cup. I have numbness in my right leg, muscle twitches in my legs. Also my chest feels uncomfortable especially when i lay down and sometime i have quite bad pain in the centre of my chest for about 5 minutes quie scary. I felt really bad a couple of days ago with pain all over. I do get forgetful but i am 47 so it could be my age :-) This is really getting me down as my doctor is treating me for Fibromyalgia but doesnt seem sure whats wrong.


Fantod - January 1

Nicky6310 - Welcome to the board! Have you seen a rheumotologist? This is the best doctor suited to diagnose and treat Fibromyalgia (FMS). Look at the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Did your doctor do the tender point test to diagnose you? What meds did they give you to take? Only certain classes of prescribed medication works for the pain associated with FMS. OTC remedies like Aleve and Tylenol do not.

Your symptoms could be related to FMS but you really need to see a rheumotologist to rule out other problems that can mimic it (like thryroid, vitamin D deficiency, gluten intolerance etc). Good luck and take care.


kiwiang - January 2


well I can say yes I have had all those symptoms to and more, I am new to this board and not qualified to tell you what I thin it is or what to do but can tell you what has happened to me over the years....I have had every test known to man, I have tried osteopaths,chiropractor,naturopaths,lots of doctors and even hypnosis...all sorts of medications mainly for anxiety as up until 6 weeks ago thats what they said I had,since a dx of fibro I feel relieved,as you may be like me and think all sorts are wrong with you,I searched for so long so yes a feeling better with the dx and that someone believes in fibro so you are lucky there...
my main pain now is my arms,neck and hands,I had the muscle twitches at the onset 3 years ago and still have numbness is spots (but thats put down to a b12 problem)....
I hope you are feeling better soon, I have also found this board helpful(and this is the only one I go to)
all the best,angela


Nicky6310 - January 2

No I haven't seen a rheumotologist. I have had blood tests for thyroid and other relative conditions. My doctor thought at first it was my depression coming out another way. However I'm not particularly depressed at the moment just frustrated. She has given me citilapram and amitryptaline to help me sleep. She hasn't tested the pressure points though I have mentioned this. My doctor is very good and sympathetic but doesn't seem to know a great deal about the condition. I know alot of other conditions overlap, however this does seem to fit my symptoms more. I did worry about MS which my brother has though not hereditary but I've counted that out. I work with a lady who has been diagnosed and I related all my symptoms to hers. I'm going back to my doctors this month especially as my arms are getting worse and I can't lift things I keep dropping them.

Thanks to this site I know I'm not alone. I hope I can get some relief soon as I didn't know so many things could ache at once :-)


Nicky6310 - January 2

Hi Angela thank you for your support. My main pain is in my arms. What I find hardest as a fairly fit 47 year old is the word I CAN'T. I can't lift weights at the gym, bike rides I enjoy but suffer afterwards. FRUSTRATION is a word I
Use often at the moment.

If this doesn't improve I'm worried my depression will return. I'm already struggling to get up
And motivate myself. My friend keeps saying stay positive that's easier said than done. I'm worried it will effect my job as i work with special needs children and they ate quite physical at times.

I'm moaning again.
Take care


Fantod - January 2

Nicky6310 - I don't agree with your doctors approach at all. She is simply throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. You need to see a rheumotologist to verify that you have Fibromyalgia (FMS). The fact that your doctor did not do a pressure point test is very telling. She doesn't know what she is attempting to treat.

The key thing to remember is that the longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. The sooner you see a specialist the better. You may like your doctor but the fact remains that she is wasting your time and money on getting this health problem sorted out.

If you do, if fact, have FMS there are now three primary prescribed medications used to treat it. They are Lyrica, Cymbalata and Savella. Lyrica is advertised on the TV all of the time. Some people experience rapid weight weight gain with this drug. Unfortunately, not all doctors are proactive when this problem becomes apparent. Cymbalta addresses both the pain and depression that usually accompanies FMS. Savella has been used for years in Europe. It was approved for use in the USA in March of 2009.

I hope that you will consider seeing a fibro-friendly rheumy for a complete exam. Take copies of any recent tests or bloodwork that you have had done to save time and money. You can go online to the National Fibromyalgia Association website to see a list of healthcare providers in your area. Take care.



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