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Stella Furjanic - January 12

Hello to all. I have never done this before, but appreciate this forum.

Just saw a rheumatologist yesterday and he is initially treating me for fibromyalgia. He also ordred extensive bloodwork and full urine to see if I have any "siblings" with his initial diagnosis.

I do have enlarged lymph node glands under my arms that come and go. When they come, they are painful and he said that this is not symptomatic with fibromyalgia. He also prescribed me NSAID and an evening medication (Lodine) to help with sleep.

Since I know absolutely nothing, can anyone indicate whether these initial steps are protocol? I would also welcome dietary suggestions to reduce the painful flareup symptoms. Thank you all very much.


Dee - January 11

Hi Stella! I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with FM myself. The rheumatologist I was seeing prescribed Lodine for inflammation and Elavil to help sleep. Unfortunately, I didn't get much relief. I started seeing a new doctor this past October. He immediately took me off the Lodine because it was causing an ulcer AND he said it does not help with FM pain. I quit taking the Elavil earlier this year because it didn't help me sleep. My new doc uses alternative medicine. Before you discount that (like I initially did), let me just say that since October I have felt better than I had in years (literally!!!). I get IV treatments called Myer's Cocktail once a week. It's unbelievable how much more energy I have......not anywhere ready to run a marathon or anything like that, but I can at least function throughout the day. Doc also put me on a supplement called Irritease (helps with IBS/acid reflux, etc.) and MyoCalm PM (helps get to a deeper sleep). Don't get me wrong---I am still in pain and still have trouble sleeping sometimes, but I'm so much better than I was this time last year. If you find after a few months that the meds your doctor has given you aren't working well, you might want to seek alternative treatment. There are things out there will help us function more "normally". Hang in there. Let me know if you want to talk more.


Juanita - January 12

It is a total learning experience. I have had it since 1992, and am just now figuring out how to treat each fibro symptom. It takes time, but don't give up. Do lots of research and also check out this website link for Clouds, a fibro support group.
There are tons of info on peoples experiences like this website. I really like this website, which was talked about and had this website link on our Clouds Forum.



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