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Diagnonsis on a non-pain day?
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SueS - February 20

I had a rare day of little pain yesterday. However, this was also the day I had been waiting for for weeks. My appointment with the reumitologist. He seemed to dismiss the idea immediatly when I did not have the pressure point sensitivity. Later in the evening I did, and so many days prior. I read the symptoms of this and it reads like my life. I am at my END with this and after this, my 4th DR. apt and no diagnosis I don't know what to do. So, my question, even on a low-pain day, is it possible to be diagnosed. Do you all still have pain sensitivity on a low-pain day?
Thank you so much for you time.


Fibro In Fla - February 20

Hi! Sorry to hear you are frustrated and suffering. In order to have a diagnosis you have to have 11 out of 18 tender points. When I was diagnosed at the Rheumatologist, I was having a normal, moderate pain day. I will say that when he touched on points I had never had pain in, like my hips, I jumped off the table. I never knew I was painful in the hip area until he touched on that trigger point. I, unfortunately, have pain in all 18 points ~ which is uncommon, so maybe my case is different. Also, maybe your doctor does not have enough experience with Fibromyalgia? I would certainly see another specialist. The only bad thing is, even with a diagnosis, there may be little help. I was in a clinical study for over a year and the study drug did me more harm than good. Until you do find help, I would recommend hot baths and those Therma Care Heat Wraps .. that and a heating pad do wonders for me. You can also try Tylenol Arthritis .. it doesn't help me, but it is supposed to work for some people. I know it's hard ... I am a stay at home Mom to 2 small children and sometimes the pain is so unbearable, it's hard to be the Mom I want to be. Keep your chin up ... Best of luck to you!



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