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ddancer1960 - October 2

i'm having hard time working.Can I file for disability while I'm working?;I'm afraid i may not be able to take care of self,and my child if i stop working.How would I get my medications,etc.please help me.thanks.


ddancer1960 - October 2

I need the answer


Amyloo - October 2

Hi, I will try to help you. A couple of questions: Do you have any disability insurance at work? What state are you in? A lot of states have short term disability for things like pregnancy, etc. and that pays you for one year. How is your doctor support? A lot of it depends on if your doctor will help you with your forms. I'll be looking for your answer and will do my best to guide you, I promise it will be ok. Amy


JoniB - October 2

It helps to have a lot of documentation on your illness when applying for disability and listing more conditions besides fibro. If and when you have no insurance and don't qualify for title 19 (Medicaid) or Medicare, I would suggest going to a mental health clinic and applying for assistance through your county (they can help you with paperwork). That way you can get support through a Dr. there who can prescribe meds for fibro, depression & provide counseling on a sliding pay scale according to your income. Also, many pharmaceutical companies have patient assistant programs to help get medications at no cost or your Dr. can provide you with free samples & coupons for meds.
We need more public awareness on this terrible illness! I am sorry we all have to deal with this pain & suffering everyday. Please learn ways to cope and each day ask yourself "What can I do that is nice for me today." It may be taking a long bubble bath, listening to your favorite song, lighting a candle or giving/receiving a hug. Anything that you can do to appease the senses is very helpful as we are sensitive to all 5 senses. Be around people who move you in a positive direction.


Robin1237 - October 4

I think fibro is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually acquired from being bitten by an infected tick. The bacteria affect our nerves and soft tissues and mess up all our systems. If we have it, we need treament.Take a look at the discussion at You can post questions and people will answer.



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