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Devils Claw to help with pain of fibromyalgia
3 Replies
Jacqui Payne - December 9

I have just started taking Devils Claw as I have fibromyalgia and read it is like taking a steriod and so reduces pain and inflammation. Has anyone been taking Devils Claw and if so has it helped. Also does it have any longterm harmful affects?


Jean - December 8

Hi Jacqui: I will have to find out more about the Devils Claw you started taking. I am hoping your doctor is aware of this alternative medication for it can cause side affects if you are on other prescription meds or over the counter. Having Fibromyalgia is a condition without inflammation so it is possible that this Devils Claw will not totally help you for this condition, however if you have osteoarthritis or another form of inflammation you might see a difference. I'll try to find out more about this Devils Claw. Please talk to your doctor about it.


Jean - December 8

Hi Jacqui: I found a website you should look at:
should give you an overview about this alternative medication and again discuss this with your doctor.


joanne - December 9

i was taking devils claw for 4 months and felt no different, however, as im led to believe what works for 1 doesnt necessarily work for another. I am now taking oregano oil for the pain (strong ones)(check with doctor before taking these) and a product called NOPAINE which is absolutely amazing! i am still ill with fibro, and this is no plug for nopaine but it has helped my pain and it is a topical to be applied to the affected area....and it is natural!!!no chemicals.I bought mine for £19.99...expensive but worth it...for me anyway. the pain is still there...even when using it but it is less severe,however it wont get those muscle knots out!!!i dont know if devils claw has any harmful is supposed to be good for circulatory gout etc.
kind regards



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