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Detroit MI FMS Study
2 Replies
Fantod - December 7

A Wayne State University reseacher has been awarded a five year $3.3 million federal grant to test treatment for fibromyalgia. Mark Lumley, a professor of psycology, and colleagues have developed Emotional Exposure Therapy. It focuses on reducing stress by helping people confront emotions they usually avoid. Recruitment for the study begins in February, and researchers are especially interested in those diagnosed in recent years. For information about participating, call 313-577-2258 or 866-288-0046.


toots2889 - December 8

Are you going to do it Fantod?


Fantod - December 8

Hi toots2889 - I got a two page list of the parameters in the mail about a week ago. I really don't think that the research team actually talked to any knowledgable FMS patients about their "plan."

First of all, the travel time is not less than a 45 minutes one way depending on traffic followed by a 90 minute session and then home again. Between the travel time, and participating in a potentially emotionally charged therapy session I feel that is too much. Afterall, exhaustion is part and parcel of FMS. I feel that they are putting the volunteer and anyone on the road at risk. There are a total of nine sessions required.

Secondly, they want the volunteers to wear an Actiwatch for 2 weeks. An Actiwatch is worn by astronauts to track their circadian cycle. Anyone (me) with Allydonia will not be able to tolerate wearing this thing. And some volunteers may end up taking it off anyway just because of general discomfort. And, in some people (me again) wearing any metal amplifies pain. Either way, this is going to make getting an accurate representation of sleep cycles and pain levels problematic.

I sent the coordinator a very polite note with my concerns. Unless they revise some of their expectations and come up with something other than the Actiwatch I won't even go through the screening process to see if I qualify for the study. Frankly, I was pretty dismayed and disappointed with the whole thing.

I hope everything is OK with you and that the holiday season is manageable. Take care.



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