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Desyrel or Trazadone
2 Replies
axxie - March 1

I don't know the difference, I used to take desyrel and would help me sleep, it also supported me mentally, except I had hangover from taken in.

The other day I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription refill and pharmacist gave me trazadone, it takes a long time before it kicks in for me to finally sleep. My head is clearer and I feel more like myself.

I'm having tinge of depression again, not sure what I should do.


Noca - March 1

They are the same drug... just Trazodone is the generic for Desyrel.

I don't understand, you feel your head is clearer more like yourself but you feel depressed?


axxie - March 2

Hey Noca, yes, I know it's confusing, problem is I weaned myself off the cymbalta 30 and was down to only taking desyrel. Then like I said the pharmacist gave me trazadone and all hell broke loose. I felt more like myself, and the way the pharmacist explained it to me, it was trazadone is really a sleeping aid, and that desyrel is for people who have mild depression.

Except yesterday at work it all started, being blue, not being able to work. I thought well I'll just get over it. But no.

So yesterday night after haven a fallout with the family once again, I finally remembered that I should probably return to my cymbalta. A few hours later, I was feeling much better.

When I spoke to doctor today I told her and she told me that in fact if you take desyrel its for depression and that the trazadone is also for deression and as a sleep aid, but they don't work the same way.

Anyway I felt good today, enough to bring my daughter to the store and buy her a laptop that we promised her if she got accepted at university. She got accepted, and so I went out and bought it, little problem my husband blew a gasget, because according to him I was suppose to wait, I don't remember that part...... No harm done, buy now or later it's still needs to be bought and well my husband is more lets wait until it's absolutely the last moment to buy.....

My head is still screwed up, and me working part-time I'm not sure it's that much a better thing to do, I do remember what some of you had said, don't be to quick, but you all supported me, and I went back to work, but I'm not sure it was the right thing to do. I'm still sitting on the fence on this one.



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