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Describe breathing problems
3 Replies
mhoholuk - March 16

I've been battleing breathing issues since Aug. of 05'....I too have been diagnosed with Costochondritis..I am wondering if you can describe your breathing isuues (if you have any) and what you do to feel better....I am overweight and need to lose weight....but I am wondering how you all deal with this problem...


Jean Taylor - March 16

I've had FMS for about 5 years - worsening every month... I'm a type 1 - according to the Acupuncture/Chinese FMS categories which means I have lots of pleghm (Oh Joy ;(( but also I find myself just NOT breathing sometimes. I also wake up at night with breathing difficulty and have to get up and get out of bed (usually have accompanying anxiety). I always find that it is all worse when I have the tightening between the shoulder blades as if that is cutting off some kind of nerve. My pain is so severe, I am on two narcotics but I find the tightness between the shoulder blades (along with foot and hand burning) is mostly relieved by taking enteric coated aspirin...and I take 3 which is a prescription-level dose. At any rate, that's my story and good luck to you!



Iinda - March 27

I have also had this & since all my tests were fine was told it was from tightened chest muscles. I found a section on this site that helped me understand how our breathing can be effected. I hope it will help you mhoholuk >>> www.fibromyalgia-symptoms.or


Iinda - March 27

I'm sorry but that link will not work for some reason. Here is a portion of it >>> Why You Have Difficulty Breathing:
Studies have shown that shortness of breath, or feeling a strong need for more air, is common in fibromyalgia patients. A 2001 study in the Journal of Muscoskeletal Pain found that 50% of FMS patients reported feeling short of breath, a condition called dyspnea. Yet, the study also found that the volume of inhaled air was the same for the 35 female FMS sufferers and the 20 healthy controls participating in the study. This was true while the study participants were both exercising and at rest. The authors speculated that the feeling of being out of breath despite having a normal amount of oxygen could be related to chest wall pain. >>> You can view the whole page by (1) looking to the left of this page (2) Click on "Fibromyalgia Symptoms" (3) Click on "Troubles Breathing" and "Chest Pain" in that list. Hope this gives you some comfort mhoholuk.



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