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Depression & Fibromyalgia
8 Replies
julissarodriguez - July 6

Hello you all ... this is Julissa..again.. I need to vent.. I feel like im on a verge of a breakdown.. recently, I was feeling energized due to a new combination of medications my doctor gave me to help with my Fibro pain.. but, either my depression is overcoming the positive effects of the medicine, or the medicines are not working..I also have alot of issues right now that im tryin to deal with.. I guess that inorder for you all to get a better understanding of me, I would have to start from the beginning.. I grew up in a abusive household. i got married young, I was 18. In the beginning my first husband was very nice, but then became verbally and emotionally controlling and abusive. I had 4 children during the 17 yrs I was married to this man. My children are 18, 15,10 and 8.. I divorced him almost 3 yrs ago.. wasnt able to take the controlling the abuse any longer.. at the same time i was dealing with Fibro and with a man that told me that it was all in my head.. that all i wanted was attention, etc. he was very insensitive, only cared about himself. One day i woke up, and had enough, grab my 4 kids and left. no money, no nothing.. after living with family here and there, i applied for a loan, and was able to move in to my own apartment, that was over 3 yrs ago. He swore that if I left him, he would make my life miserable and I would regret having left him. Til this day he has kept his word. I am not remarried, to David.. David is the love of my life. My children love him, he is very sensitive to my Fibro, gives me massages, reminds me of my meds, gets up in the middle of the night to give me water and my meds, etc.. he is my dream come true.. When I started dating David,my ex decided to file for full custody.. and he lost after a long 2 yr battle. Since he found out I remarried, he now is taking me to court again.. First of all he never shows up to pick up the kids on the days he is supposed to, then he never has paid child support.. etc.. so, im dealing with all of this, plus having Fibro.. and my pain is gettin worse and worse. Im sure its all tied in with the stress he is causing in my life ... I have an attorney,and we are going to court on 7/13/10... he is accusing me of not letting him see the children, and he is lying.
Im sorry, I just felt the need to vent..




julissarodriguez - July 6

I meant to say that I am now remmarried.. and I have a good job at a bank....


Noca - July 6

I'm glad you had the strength to divorce and exit the abusive marriage. I see you said you were on a new set of medications, what ones are you on and what have you tried? Depression can be controlled through the proper medications. My depression is currently in remission from my medications as well.


ufdacentral - July 6

Hi Julissa.
Venting is a good thing and I am glad the forum is here so you could do just that, we all need to get stuff out in the open from time to time.
It sounds like you have had some difficult times in your life and having FM on top of all that sure isn't a good thing.
To me Stress is the number one enemy for the FM sufferer and finding a medication for depression helps most folk.
It appears from your story that your new hubby is a keeper, he sounds very understanding and caring, that's great..I have one of those hubby's..I've had him for 41 years..and it really helps to have a spouse that loves us even when the road is ruff.
If you ever need to vent again...have at it. Keep hanging in there! Blessings


julissarodriguez - July 7

Hello Noca,
I am taking Savella, twice a day, Tramadol 50mg as needed for pain, Hydrocodone 325mg for pain, Soma (muscle relaxers)... I used to just take Cymbalta and Tramadol...then my Doc decided to stop Cymbalta and add these other 3,, what are u taking?
Regardding exiting my first marriage,it was hard, but I have no regrets....Im very happy now with my new husband..who by the way is 8 years younger than thats probably why my ex almost had a heart attack since he was older than me.. lol I am 37 and my new husband and best friend is 29 .


julissarodriguez - July 7


Thanks for the response.. and youre right..he is a keeper.. my best friend.. my all.. and best of all my children love him and he treats them like his own.. my 18yr old son has a wonderful friend relationship with my new husband..a relationship he never had with his real father...




Wow I am sorry you have had such a rough time. I know stress is a MAJOR factor in how much pain I will have. My brother has MS and had a seizure about a month ago. Since that day, I have had severe pain, depression and all that stuff. Stress does aggrevate our condition. I know it is hard to get away from it as well. Esp with what you have going on. Have faith and keep your head up. Keep us posted and good luck!


Noca - July 7

julissarodriguez I take a lot of drugs for various health conditions.

I take: Nortriptyline, Zyprexa, Xanax, Ritalin PRN, Dilaudid, Fentanyl patches, and Celebrex PRN.


julissarodriguez - July 7

wow.. thats quite a list..

This medicine combo im taking is not helping.. if I had to divide the "helpfulness of the meds" in percentage.. I would say it helps 40%.. only Im taking:
Tramadol 100mg, three times a day (but I usually take more)
Hydrocodone 325mg (doesnt do anything for the pain)
Soma (helps me fall asleep, thats about it)
Savella (seemed to help more in the beginning than now)

I have an appt in the next 2 weeks with my doc.. any suggestions on what other meds I should ask her to add or increase? Also, I decided to go back to the gym a few days ago.. after years, and the first day i was there, while trying to not look like a wimp, I over did Im paying the price for increasing the lbs on the weights that I lifted, or the incline on the treadmill. I did get into the hot pool, and I loved it.. it melted the pain away while I was in there.. wish I could walk around in one all day long so i wouldnt feel this leg pain...

so, what STRONGER meds besides what im taking now should I try next?

Thanks to all of you all,

Julissa Wilson



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