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Depression and Fibro
3 Replies
kerrythecarebear - December 31

Ok, here's my question! Was diagnosed with FMS over 8 years ago. The past week have not been myself, irritable, mood swings like you wouldnt believe! Have got so low, i can't see a future any more..i'm teary all the time. To begin with, i wondered if it was all down to 'menopausal' symptoms, as have also been getting hot flushes, night sweats etc....However, this morning, waking up in bed, i felt numb from the waist down, my joints feel so stiff, it hurts to move them..admittedly its been a while since i last had a relapse with the FMS, and my memory is shot to pieces! I seem to have the mother of all headaches this morning too...... has anyone suffered with depression with their FMS? has it occured before having a relapse? or during? I feel out of my depth at the moment..i really dont want to go see my Dr, as i dont and have never had much support from them. And i also want to know, once u r swallowed into this black hole, how the heck do you see light at the end? i feel like i am caught in a whirlwind, i want it to stop, and it wont, and i cant...i'm sorry if i am waffling on, or not making sense... but i am hoping someone will recognise whats going on, and be able to offer advice! Oh by the way, hope you had a good christmas, and happy new year for tomorrow!


JJ1 - January 1

Depression can be associated with FMS. If you aren't getting support from your doctor, I think it is time to find a new one. A great way to start the New Year!


Gabbie - January 1

Hello Kerry. You sound like you are going through a really rough time. I've had fibro for many years and was finally formally diagnose a little over a year ago. I also went through a really bad time of depression, moodiness, awful temper flare-ups and I finally got to a point that I didn't even like myself very much. I also experienced, and still do have menopausal symptoms and combined with fibro they definately provide a "double whammy" so to speak. I don't use the meds that are often prescribed for fibro or "the changes" for the main reason that they can cause so many side effects and I think I have enough "stuff" going on without it. And I guess I'm a bit afraid of meds as well. I do use lidocaine cream on the pressure points for fibro pain and tylenol pm for better sleep which helps. You really are the only one that can control your feelings and believe me it's not easy, but I have found that you have to push yourself to get out of the slump a little bit at a time no matter how hard it is and not matter how much you just plain don't want to. What you are feeling can be coming from both the fibro and menopause or peri-menopause, but I encourage you to not let it continue to get the best of you. If you feel the temper coming on, change what you are doing, focus on something else and that feeling will pass. Wear lighter weight clothing for the "sweats", summer pj's in the winter and know that most women go through menopause symptoms and it really is awful but eventually it will lessen. I found this forum by accident a couple of months ago and visit it almost every day even if I don't always post and I truly believe that it has helped me get through a lot of really awful days. People here really understand and care. Although it takes a bit of time and hard work, you can help yourself get out of the slump. I encourage you to work hard at it because it's amazing how much better you feel when you get through that black hole that you mentioned. I wish you better days ahead.


cr72 - January 1

Hi Kerry, I don't disagree with either of the first two responses, but if you are depressed, there are medications that can help. I fought both the depression and fibro for years, didn't want to believe I really had these diagnoses. Finally, I got some meds that have helped me function normally most of the time (except during the worst pain flares when I still function but not so normally ;). Anyway, I encourage you to find a supportive doctor. That made a huge difference as well. She has been there with me for a lot and remains supportive even when I want to try alternative methods of pain or emotional relief. Good luck, Kerry. Remember, there are a lot of us who have been in that place and it really can get better.



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