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Dental implants and Fibro...problems, experiences, links??
5 Replies
m.e. - April 29

Does anyone have any knowlegde to share in this area? I am having dental issues after an implant 4.5 years ago. Fibro followed. Not sure if they are connected, but am wondering what experiences good or bad that people have had. Thanks!!


Fantod - April 30

m.e. - Could you be more specific about the issues you are experiencing? Someone might be able to comment based on some additional information. Thanks.


January - May 1

I am not up on what materials they currently use for dental implants - but remember reading years ago that donor bone (for bone grafts) could NOT be considered safe from contamination from infectious agents like prions. Here's a definition of prion from the Free Dictionary:

"A microscopic protein particle, apparently self-replicating despite the absence of nucleic acid, thought to be the infectious agent that causes Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and certain other neurodegenerative diseases."

It's possible that something like a prion is what really causes fibromyalgia, in my opinion. So a case like yours could be significant - if you could prove the implant caused the fibro. You also might want to get tested for viral illnesses. (Google and read about Dr. Dan Dantini)

Considering the illegal trafficking in dead bodies, which are then sold to money-grubbing tissue banks and are NOT properly tested for disease, I'd be REAL careful about accepting any kind of tissue graft unless it was absolutely necessary.

Another avenue to consider is gut-related. Did you get any prescription drugs while you were going through your implants? And did you have serious GI issues or illnesses? Drugs that are routinely prescribed for dental surgery (like Clindamycin) can severely damage the intestine. If you have porphyria, Clindamycin and Flagyl can set that off - and its symptoms can mimic fibromyalgia. You can read the threads about it on here. Those drugs can make you very sick, and if you used them, I would refer you to the website peoplespharmacy and the ongoing discussions there about Clindamycin and dental surgery - hundreds and hundreds of horror stories about it.

Hope you are doing well and this is nothing serious though.


m.e. - May 23

Delayed response...been very!! busy, but thank you Fantod and January. Very helpful repsonses indeed. Part of the problem was that my regular dentist was not taking me seriously and was telling me I am "too sensistive" due to the fibro. Come to find out part of my pain came from a non-necessary filling on a HEALTHY tooth that she did improperly twice and left exposed. This tooth was next to an implant. Now I have a great new dentist, thank GOD!! He took away 95% of that awful pain by correcting the side filling. Go figure.


January - May 23

Wish I could say this is unusual- but if you read the forums, like the "Report It" section of the website peoplespharmacy, you'd be appalled at the medical and dental errors there. What can we do to protect ourselves from incompetence?

I had some really, really bad root canal work done years ago - it caused a monster infection that wasn't located for 20 years! And it's not like I wasn't at the dentists repeatedly every year, complaining. In fact several different dentists.

Really glad you found another dentist who diagnosed the problem, and happy to hear you are feeling much better!

You know… I'm starting to think I should NOT tell any new drs or dentists I have fibro because it's just too easy for them to DISMISS things as fibro-related. I hope you will report the incompetent dentist to the insurance company and the dental association.


NoahSean - August 10

m.e. do you have fibro before than you are having dental implants? As my dentist suggested me to go for dental implants surgery, but quite worried about it because of fibro..



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