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Degenerated Disc / FMS/ Stretching exercises
11 Replies
Virg - September 22

Hi.I have a degenerated back disc causing
siatica pain along with FMS. I agree that
I should be doing exercises but the pain is
so there that I don't want to increase it.
Has anyone got this problem and how do you
deal. I'd like to do some stretching exercises but don't know what way would be


Barbara - September 21

I address mine with medications, including epidurals.


Lynne - September 21

I have the same problem it is my left siatic joint. (it is freezing up) My doctors have reccomended water exercises ( I take an arthritic water class at a local pool ) I also do a routine that is on tv my rhumey doctor recommended this ... Sit to be Fit. Check with your doctors before doing any exercise program. I am also on meds and have had a cortizone injection for my right shoulder, might be the hip next time.


Virg - September 21

Thank you. I'm leary of the water exercise because I didn't watch myself and overdid it at
water works and thats when my pain really began. But have heard of the arthritic water class. The epidurals sounds interesting. I've
been waiting for 8 months to see an anesthisist. Now I hear that a new clinic has
to open up for me to get in. I'll keep trying the
web site given (didn't come up for me).


JP - September 21


Barbara - September 22

Have you tried exercising in water? Three times a week a take an extended walk in the swimming pool. I walk forwards then backwards and then sideways for about 20 minutes. It REALLY makes a very positive difference.


Virg - September 22

Thanks JP. I went to the site and scanned it
but will go back to get answer for more questions I have. My doc told me that my
pain is caused by a physical thing that could
be helped with injections possibly etc. I've
got to read up more on this.


Virg - September 22

Hi Barbara, yup I did do water works almost
2 years ago and when I came out I could hardly move my legs they were shaking so bad. After that the most intense siatica pain
started, then I was told I had degenerative disc
disease (1 1/4 years later) Now almost 2 years later I'm waiting for a pain clinic to open
up because the ones open are full. I've been
leary of going back to the water because sitting or long walking throws my leg into screaming pain. Maybe if I sat in the water
and flopped my legs up and down (gosh what
a picture)


Barbara - September 22

Virg, Sorry the water wasn't helpful. Maybe if you did move your legs in the water it would help but it sounds like you have something other than/in addition to FMS. I also have a compressed spinal cord and I get injections (epidurals) for this. It helps tremendously. It takes away a lot of pain and discomfort that is not FMS but can easily be mistaken for it. One of the problems us fibros have is that we tend to have other maladies as well and it gets to be difficult sorting them all out. If your doctor thinks the injections would help I say go for it and also find out exactly what your other conditions are.


Lynne-FT - September 22

I figured warm water would help, I too get sore but I have to do something. Hope you can find something that works for you,
Lynne ... had to put FT on my name since someone had it :-( Just wanted to let you all know.


BrandyO - September 22

Hi Virg, I started having problems with my lower back (past 6 months) but I think it is because I gained weight. I do go to Curves 4 days a week but I need take it easy according to my fibro symptoms of the day. Stretching after I exercise does help. I put a heating pad on it and that helps for a short time.


barbar - December 17

Virg, how's this been doing for ya?



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