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Deep Burning and Needle stabbing pain
17 Replies
Jeannie3 - January 4

Hi I was wondering if anyone has the same problem.
For years I've had a deep burning on my right thigh which feels like million little stabbing needle pokes all at once. If I stretch all the burning and pokes multiply and go with the stretch. It is very painful. It has come and gone and only when its gone for awhile I think great and relax and it comes back worse. If anyone has that I'd love to know if anything could be done for it


JJ1 - January 4

This may sound weird, but I have a similar pain but it is just in one big toe! It is not constant but is pretty frequent. When I wiggle my toe, the pain radiates, similar to how you describe when you stretch your leg. I guess I am lucky to have it limited to just one toe!


Lyle Anderson - January 4

I wonder if you haven't over-stressed a muscle or a ligament or tendon. Can you get to either a physiatrist or a physical therapist?


BRENDA - January 4

It sounds like a pinched nerve! Do you have any reddness in the area? Does it feel hot to the touch? Is there a knot in the area? Some or all of these things could indicate a blood clot!


Lyle Anderson - January 4

You, that could be a signof uterine fibroids.


Jeannie3 - January 4

HI well, the physical therapist were stumped and no pinched nerve in that area or reddness. One doctor about l6 years ago went to check his book came back and shrugged and said its a "WOMAN THING". My present doctor sent me to a pain clinic but it wasn't happening then. However he put me on Lyrica, but that is only helping the siatica pain in my left leg. Gawd this is funny, I hope you are all laughing with me. I had spilt hot water on the area about 20 years ago and it was a pretty bad burn, I thought it might be nerve damage but then the lyrica should be helping that,
I'm open to any more suggestions. One may hit the nail on the head. And thanks.


BrandyO - January 6

Jeannie3, I have not felt this. But I do have sympathy for you. I hope you feel better soon and I hope that pain never returns, It sounds awful. Brandy


Jeannie3 - January 6

Hi BrandyO, I read that the problem could be neuropathy, I looked it up and it sure targets what it is. Thank You for your kind thoughts. Hope you are as well as you can be.LOL


carrie lee - January 7

Jeannie3, I sympathize, I have that same sensation all over my body 24/7. I have found nothing to releive it yet but if I do I will certainly let you know. I go back to the pai doc tomorrow and we are going to revisit this topic, let you know what I find out, hope you have a peaceful evening, God Bleess carrie lee


Jeannie3 - January 7

Hi CarrieLee, Good Luck tomorrow, Gosh I could bare it on the thigh but to have that all over, my heart goes out girl,Lets pray you get answers. LOL,


carrie lee - January 9

Jeanie3, sorry I got few answers yesterday, it just is what it is and that is why I am going to pain management instead of fix me clinic ( doc's little stab at humor) Keep stuffing pain pills down me and if I want more imjections to call and schedule them and they would be happy to do them for me, like thats a favor lol. So until next month when she collects her outragous amount of money to put pen to script pad, I have nothing, sorry, best wishes carrie lee


Jeannie3 - January 9

Ah Carrie Lee sorry you had to go through that. I went to a pain clinic and he prescribed Lyrica. It helps with my siatica and for some reason I've been able to do more. Whether its just a faze I'm going through who knows. We'll see what the pain clinic does eh?


Lyle Anderson - January 10

Jeannie3, I'm on Lyrica too and it helps a lot. Seems to get rid of overall body aches and nerv pain. cool stuff.


roseylisa - January 17

I have this up and down my lower legs and my arms during a flare up.


rhyannon - January 26

I have had the same pain for several years on and off in my forearm (sometimes right, sometimes left, never both at the same time.) It was diagnosed as neuropathy; the best tx has been gabapentin (on-going) and lidocaine patches at the first jab. The patches have worked like a miracle. My brother has your thigh pain and my Dad has the same thing with his right little toe. Dad has had success with gabapentin and my brother has taken a different route, going with acyclovir. He says it helps him.




teresat - January 27

Jeannie3, is the Lyrica that you are taking helping you at all? I have been on neurotin for some time now & it seems to be helping me. My doctor described FMS nerve pain to be like the nerve pain that diabetics have. I hope this helps!


rhyannon - January 27

Lyrica is nothing more than long-acting neurontin (generic: gabapentin). If you have good Rx coverage, I suppose the Lyrica is fine. My dad has tried both and found the generic just as good as either alternative. My Rx plan has a much larger co-pay for brand names, so I stick with the gabapentin. I like it better as I can tailor my dosage to exactly what my pain level is. It stays in my system about 5-8 hours, so if I am able to handle the day fine, I will skip the mid-day dose. If I am needing it, I can take the noon one. Gabapentin is extraordinarily safe, even in high doses; I don't know about Lyrica as it is newer. As they don't know how either med works, we just have to be glad they exist. Gabapentin was originally an anti-seizure med, and my thinking is that just as seizures are blasts of abnormal nerve messages, so is the pain of neuropathy. Check with your DR. about why go to Lyrica; I think it is because the pharmaceutical reps are pushing it since neurontin went unprotected by patent rights. If I didn't have neurontin, I cannot begin to imagine how much pain I would be in. Hope this helps.



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