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Decacron Shot
6 Replies
n-need2 - November 16

I am sure some of you have had steroid shots, do they work for the pain, for a little while at least, how long do they last??? Or do they even help? I had one today....I was diagnosed today and the dr. gave me a Decadron shot, pain pills, naproxen, and flexeril.......I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist but it is still 2 months away....she told me I she knew I would be back before I saw him......the weather has changed and right now the pain is just horrible......I have had several flares but really 3 stands out so far.....
Right now, mine seem to be very hormonally related, they are worse each month right before I this normal????
Please tell my anything....I do not know hardly anything about this......
Thanks to you all....
Amy Q.....


JoniB - November 16

I have always had a difficult time 2-3 days & after diagnosis of fibro it is now about 1 bad week every month. So yes, it can be hormonally related. Any other health issue with your body can make the fibro flare.


Fantod - November 17

I looked up Decadon which is an anti inflammatory used in conjunction with chemotherapy and other conditions. I can not imagine why your Dr. gave you this shot. FMS does NOT respond to steroid treatment. Steroids may be used for an underlying condition like arthitis but not FMS. FMS on its own does not cause inflamation. Yes, a flare can be brought on by hormones, weather, stress, too much activity - there is really no set formula to bring on a flare. You have to "learn" what your triggers are and act accordingly although most everyone will agree this method is not foolproof either. Call your local hospital and see if there is an FMS support group in your area. They can help you find a rheumotologist who takes an active and caring interest in their patients. Are you able to sleep properly? If you are not getting REM sleep, your muscles will not be rested properly which brings on more pain. There are only certain classes of drugs that work for FMS. Most of them are anti-depressants that are used to in much lower doses to treat FMS. If you are not sleeping well, ask the Dr. to give you Amitriptyline. You may also need something like Lyrica for nerve pain. I am so sorry you are in so much pain at this time. I am sending you a hug and hoping you will have better days soon.


shonlaw - November 18

hey n need2, i had a decadron shot a few weeks ago and i felt good for 3 weeks but it took a few days before i felt any relief. as far as my period causing flare ups,i don't know. i just had my first one in two years( just had 2 babies back to back) and i feel like i have been in a full blown flare up for 15 months. but before pregnancy my flare ups were only related to stress and sleep deprivation. ..... soft hugs and good luck


n-need2 - November 20

Thank you all so very much....I cannot tell if the shot has helped or not, I was feeling a little better yesterday and thought it was working; however, this is the strangest thing....I slept good today and now I am so sore again, I can hardly move......What is up with that???? I do not understand....


dalejr62 - November 20

I've been diagnosed since March. I have a hard time understanding this syndrome to. Sometimes the weather makes it hard to deal with and stress just about anything can cause {PAIN}. I finally get to see a rheumatologist in Dec. Right now Im taking Lyrica. Well when Im not at work . Because the Lyrica makes me drowsy. Im sure hoping for more help from the rheum. Has your weather changed or are you in for a change of weather? Hope you feel better soon . Take care :)


n-need2 - November 22

Fantod....hey there...My doc did not give me the Decadron to actually treat the fibro, she just gave it due to pain, and actually it has helped the pain. I have more energy and things like that, the reason behind her doing this is it was going to take me almost 3 months to get in to see a Rheumatologist. She explained to me that this was not a usual treatment, and not to over do it, this was just a measure to help with pain for the time being, more of a band-aid fix...... Amy



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