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Lynne - August 13

Debra this is Lynne I have the site and forum I know you have always been straight forward with me. Sorry to hear about the surgery, hope your on the mend. I have stayed away the last couple of days because of what has been going on here, I am sure when whom ever monitors this board logs the ip's all this will be done and over with and maybe then those of us that really came here with good intentions can keep coming back without harassment.


Debra - August 10

Hi:Lynne Thank you very much for the very thoughtful and kind message.I agree with you also.This is a fourm is for honest people that have pain and are looking for some guidence and understanding.Everyone here has enough to deal with every day.I cannot understand what a person would achive for doing such an awful thing.I hope that this site can get back on its feet again and bring back the honest,good people that we once were talking to.I remember you and your wedsite.Your such a kind soul and you have given so much of yourself to others.I hope that one day soon someone will do something great for you.I wish you good health and happiness.And thank you for caring so much.Yours Truly Debra.


donna - August 10

Welcome back Debra. Things are starting to look a little more normal around here. Hope not too many have been scared away.


Chris2 - August 10

Hi Debra, I've been away too. Went to see the doctor yesterday, guess I've got to go in for a CT scan of my neck. I had a bunch of x-rays done on my neck and lower back yesterday. Looks like things have been a little weird here. Well, hope you have a great week. Yours in healthy living, Chris2


TERESA - August 11

AMEN! I found this site before being diagnosised with FMS & lupus. It helped me so much! I thought I was dying of some horrible thing no one knew anything about. When I found this site I had an AH - HAH monent. Let's hope this site can clean up this act & get back to basics!!


Debra - August 13

Hi:Donna Thanks for your kind words.I hope that things will stay this way.Yours truly Debra.


Debra - August 13

Hi:Chris I hope that your tests go well and the doctors can help you.Thanks for you kind words.Take good care.Yours truly Debra.


Debra - August 13

Hi: TERESA Thanks for you reply.I agree with you and hope that we all can help eachother out here.Peace and Quiet.Yes,Yes,Yes.Amen.Yours truly Debra.



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