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Dealing with FMS
2 Replies
fibromontana - November 5

Hi everyone, my name is Cheryl and I was diagnosed two years ago. I still question this diagnosis every day. It just doesn't make sense that you can have this much pain, but there's not a test out there that can truly say - yes this is what you have.

I read through some of the other discussions and was amazed that many have been diagnosed by a rheumatoid specialist. I went to one once and she was so rude to me. After a series of tests her diagnosis was that I was severely overweight and I needed to start excersing and losing weight and I would feel all better. At the time I weighed 150 lbs.;- Overweight? Absolutely; Severely? I don't think so.

I did however join weight watchers, lost 35 lbs. and was actually feeling pretty good. Then all of sudden in the last month the pain has come back with a vengence. I am so tired and constantly aching - especially in my arms and armpits.

My doctor has started me on a series of 3 B12 shots because my B12 levels were low and would like me to take Neurontin, but it makes me feel like I've got bugs crawling through my hair.

Have any of you had any success with medications? I've tried Cymbalta and Lyrica but both made me really sick to my stomach.
It is wonderful to read through the discussions and know that I'm not in this alone - thanks everyone for sharing.


Fantod - November 6

Hello - If you want to find a fibro-friendly rheumy, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a couple of referrals in your area. We just had someone else on this board who had the same weight issue with her internist. FMS is still routinely ignored, dismissed and treated with contempt by a good many otherwise caring doctors. You do need to see a rheumotologist for a firm diagnosis. FMS can go in cycles for some people; I don't happen to one of them. Take some time to read the information on the lefthand side of this page in addition to the posts from various members. Are you taking Amitriptyline for sleep? I take a low dose of Cymbalta for pain. At night, in addition to the Amitriptyline I also use a low dose of Gabapentin. I have a terrible time with meds so my doctor gives me samples to try first. before I spend the money to fill a script. By taking the Gabapentin at night, I sleep some of the side effects off. I hope my response has been helpful to you in some way. Take care.


cherylAnn - November 6

Hi Cheryl, Your best bet is a Rheumotologist. Call around and locate one that works with Fibro clients. I know you look at all the medicines and feel you are a walking pharmacy but when your meds are adjusted correctly, you will get to know what makes it worse or better. I have had the full "treatment" .. Anti depressants, Anti Anxiety meds, Herbal and non herbal things for sleep, Thyroid meds, etc.. My Dr. said no to Lyrica.. I will Never let go of my Celebrex. It is an anti inflamitory med that when I am off of it, Just shoot me.. There are many syndromes and ailments that go with Fibro.
Talk with your Dr. Slowly try new approaches and stay warm.. Electric blankets do help, and hot baths ROCK.
And if your friends think you are nuts,, Well, Ask them if their hands , knees or ? hurt when it is cold. Explane to them,, "Thats me on a daily basis" And smile. Remember, trust a good Dr. and your heart feelings.
My best..



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