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Dealing with Doctors
7 Replies
Judy boschert - May 4

How do you get your MD to listen to you..I have almost all the symptoms..without them thinking you are a hypochohdriac?


Beverly - April 11

Find a good Rhuematolist. Most are trained to diagnoise and treat Fibro. I'm 69 yrs old and have had Fibro most of my life. Over those years I saw numerous doctors and had about every test they can give. All coming back there was nothing wrong with me.

Even though this is yucky old stuff to live with the day I found there was really was something wrong wit me and it had a name, I felt so validated that finally my family and friends would understand that I wasn't just being lazy. Let us know how you make out.


Jean - April 12

You can go and get diagnosed by a Rheumatologist, however they are not your primary doctors so if you don't get a primary doctor who understands the condition then you are stuck so I would ask the Rheumatologist who,is best to see as a primary care physician.


Kim - April 19

Go to a Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center. There are 14 sites in the US. They get the whole thing and will try to find your problems and cure you. Don't waste you time with others.


Jean - April 23

you are not a hyperchondriac and if you think he thinks you are ask him about it and g=bring it out into the open so both of you can talk about this disease or, you will find out quickly to see someone else. Atrue physician will listen and guide you in the right direstion and make sure your nmedical records alwyas goes wilth you.


Kazz - April 28

I am a very determined person when I first got the FMS symptoms I hadnt even heard of FMS I went to my Dr who said its just depression as I have a history of it, I said it wasnt as it was very different and was told that depression can come out in different forms, I then went to another Dr and was told the same things (none did any tests) I then went to another and another Dr (Dr shopping I call it) then finally I went to the 5th Dr who did a whole lot of tests and found nothing - I had recently seen a news story on TV about Chronic Fatigue and was convinced it was what I had I mentioned this to the GP who listened to me and he referred me to a rheumatologist who diagnosed FMS with some CFS - for me Dr shopping was the way to get my answers - since being on treatments for FMS things are much better so I know the diagnosis is right - dont give up its NOT in your head *hugs*


Pam - May 2

Judy, Its a shame that doctors truly do not listen like they use too. My doctor diagnosed me within 15 mins. and begin treatment on me 9 yrs. ago. I have heard stories like yours where women have to basically diagnose themselves. Find out all you can about FMS and then go into the doctor's office with your questions ready. I would recommend a rheumatologist if you can find a good one. Some doctor's do not even believe in FMS.
You are not a hypochondriac - your symptoms are real - you just need someone to listen. We all feel better and can accept things when we can put a diagnosie on what is wrong with us. I am praying for you right now.


Athena - May 4


Let me ask, what a good Rheumatologist do anyway??? Besides prescribe Medicine? I would hate 2 waste my time going 2 another doctor



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