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Dealing with anxiety
4 Replies
mdak - March 12

I have been suffering from axiety this week. I am having trouble controling it. Could someone give me some of your tecniques on dealing with anxiety? I have addicted mind, so my psy. Dr.'s are not big on medications. Most of them can be addicting. I dont have the best support with my husband. Last night I got myself worked up and it made it a long night. I am very spiritaul, but when I have bad anxiety attacks I forget to think in that direction.It seems when I have these anxiety attacks my FM pain points flare up. I am glad I found this site.


Noca - March 12

I take Clonazepam for my anxiety, but you may find it addictive. You could ask for Lyrica if you got drug coverage, it can help with generalized anxiety and has a low abuse potential.


January - March 12

Hi mdak - I'm sure you know about going somewhere quiet and taking big, slow deep breaths. Physical exercise might help if you can do it. Also, if you can find something calming or funny to watch or read - something to get your mind focused on something else - that can help anxiety. If you can find a funny movie, laughter helps a lot.

I learned a new technique that affects your nervous system and helps it to calm you down: if you know what Kegel exercises are (you can google them if not) squeeze those muscles really, really hard and hold for a count of 20 and relax. If you do it right, it will affect the nerves at the base of your spine, and help your whole system relax.

I know you can ride this through. You have already done a lot of work on yourself, so hang in there. Put things in perspective. Sometimes a glass of warm milk helps to relax also, because it has relaxing chemicals in it. Hoping you feel better soon.


kvc33 - March 12

Sometimes the best way to deal with anxiety is to not try to push it away. Just accept it and know that it will pass. Keep some spiritual reading material close at hand. If the problem is mostly in your mind, think about something you really like or enjoy or try to solve a puzzle. If you are feeling it in your body, try placing a cold or hot pack in that area. It can help to change the energy.


Cher0208 - March 12

For me, drinking Kava Kava tea at night helps a lot. Or any sleepy time/chamomile tea. I also downloaded this meditation track from You-tube called Chakra Healing Meditation. It always does the trick. I hate anxiety. Have had it my entire life. When I get stressed or am arguing with my boyfriend the pain starts immediately. I am not a religious person but I am a spiritual person. I've recommended this book before on this forum, but if you haven't picked it up I suggest you get it. You Can Heal Your Life By Louise Hay. And breathing, deep breathing is the key to relaxation. Although its extremely difficult not to breath shallow when you are anxious. Keep practicing and it will come.



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