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Dark Circles
14 Replies
txsunsets - September 18

Does anyone get dark circles under their eyes when their FMS is acting up?? I get them so bad my mother says I look like I have black eyes.


marcos5879 - September 18

I was so just looking in the mirror not more than 20 minutes ago wondering the same thing. For like 15 years I would get the appearance of getting punched in the eyes. People thought I wasn't sleeping enough. But when it started I didn't have poor sleep yet. But I had the pains. Now it's just another thing I chalk up to my non Dx Fibro. I was going to ask that but I figured Fantod was getting tired of answering my questions by now . MUAHHAHAAH =)


tnichel - September 18

You may be on to something. I started getting dark least from my middle school. people said i looked like a racoon. Once i strated being treated for fibro,sjogren's, and lupus (lucky me) they have pretty much disappeared unless I'm feeling horrible. I don't really need concealor anymore. I will ask my dock about this.


Fantod - September 18

I get them too when I am having one of my who-needs-sleep episodes. At least girls can pile on more spackle so they don't scare the general public - LOL. I can definitely relate to the commercial featuring Ellen DeGeneres comparing dark circles with a raccoon. Marcos5879 - ask away, if I can help, I will.


txsunsets - September 22

thank you for all the answers. the circles don't seem as dark when i am having good days which is far and between.


barbiepink - September 22

Yes, i have dark circles under my eyes all the time. i hate it, but don't know what to do. Even make up dose not help.


txsunsets - September 22

barbiepink, i know what you mean. i cannot ever get the circles covered enough where they can't be seen.


Gabbie - September 24

I sometimes look pretty raccoon-like and try to cover up the dark circles but I end up I'm trying to cover up the dark circles. Recently I went to a mall and one of the "cart girls" (you know the young ones that have no idea what wrinkles/bags under the eyes are) got a hold of me and tried some stuff to lessen the puffiness/darkness and one eye looked great, and the other stayed the same. So, I figured it wasn't worth the high price tag since my eyes didn't even match at that point. I have to chuckle when I think about it. Anyway, I think the dark circles may be due to, in part, that we really don't sleep very well because of the discomfort so we're probably just plain tired all the time and don't get a chance to recoup at night.


BobbyNva - October 9

One of my best friends commented on the dark circle around my eyes over lunch one day. She said I looked terrible and should think about taking care of myself. So I went to a rheumatologist and found out I had FM.

Does anyone have other eye problems? I've been prone to eye infections in the last few months--stye, conjunctivitis--and the take a while to heal. Could it be because of dry eyes which I read is an FM symptom.


tnichel - October 9

BobbyNva...yes, I was prone to eye infections and swelling of the lining inside my eyelid. My right eye always stayed puffy and I was constantly rubbing them. For a while, I couldn't wear contacts, they'd just pop out or irritate my eyes. Since being treated for fms the swelling has gone done and now my eyes look the same and I haven't had anymore occurrences of eye infections. You may be on to something. But I also take plaquenil for sjogren's syndrome which dries out your moisture making glands. My eyes are not as dry or fatigued from being on a computer all day.


dwilmoth - October 17

hmm. I just thought I was getting old but now that you mention it I feel like crap lately and look like it too.


KarenLL - April 6

I look like I never sleep, and of course with Fibro I get very little REM sleep, so I wake up tired every single day. I once had a sleep study done and after being there for 6 hours, thinking I was sleeping, they came in, unhooked me and told me to go home. When I asked why they said that the whole time I thought I was sleeping, their machines said I slept a whole 45 minutes. No wonder I look awful and feel awful. I even take a sleeping pill that supposed to help you get more REM sleep. I don't think it's working........


Annie7978 - April 15

I have had these for years! I just thought it was allergies. It does look horrible though.


Annie7978 - April 15

And don't you just hate it when you see people who are 20-30 years younger than you are and they are in better shape than you are?


AllieByrd - December 6

I had tried another Dermalmd product and decided to try their eye serum. I get dark circles under my eyes like most people. I really like how dermalmd eye serum goes on so smooth and doesn't leave a greasy feel. I also like that it almost has an iridescent look to it. It doesn't take a big dab to go on. I apply it both morning and night. It doesn't interfere with my makeup during the day and helps to reduce the appearance of my dark circles.



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