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ccc - February 27

I read an article saying that D-Ribose can increase energy by 75%.

Anyone tried it yet?

My FM is Exhaustion first and Pain second.


Fantod - February 27

Yes, I have tried it. D-Ribose provides energy at the cellular level. I've used a very good product from my local health food store and Corvalen which is made by Bioenergy Life Science Inc. I think that the Corvalen works better. I don't know why because it is essentially the same thing.

My doctor suggested Corvalen to help with fatigue. I have the chewable chocolate flavored wafers. I think that they taste terrible but Corvalen does help quite a bit without making you jittery. You can order Corvalen online. Take care.


January - February 28

I JUST started taking D-ribose a couple days ago! I don't know which brand (I'd have to look at it) - it's in powder form. The first night I took it, I suddenly felt almost tranquilized. Today is normal, no great increase in energy yet!

My research shows it supports the production of DNA (it's the sugar used in the DNA and RNA molecules) and supports production of energy in mitochondria - which might be what's broken in fibro.

I sure don't think it can hurt you..


canadacalling - March 2

I also read about D-Ribose via a Dr. Oz column up here in CANADA, but called my health food store and I cannot get here. Darn it. I suppose I could ask for something different.

As I saw my G.P. today, it seems I have so many other issues in the fire, that I have to pick one to address and now it is my knee. I am having an xray, and also ultra sound on Friday. It seems everthing is not behaving; diabetes, medication has to be doubled. Back on warfarin for atril fib; having some blood work done re the rheumatoid factor. I ask for these things, because I know from where I lived before the Ra factor was fairly high. You know you almost hate going to an M.D. They always find something wrong with you. Cheers everyone.. Take care, and maybe the spring will be here soon. However, Income Tax will be here sooner. We file by the end of April - I think. Bye. S/


January - March 4

Hi canada. I've been taking hyaluronic acid and I swear it helped my knee pain.

I don't know if a gluten free diet would help your diabetes - I was labeled pre-diabetic and it runs in my family; but after I went gluten free my blood sugar tested in the 80's - the lowest I ever remember. A couple other people here have mentioned similar situations. Gluten free relieved my fibro pain and my depression too! I will never go off this diet.

D-ribose is a sugar, so make sure you check up on how much of this you can take, or if it is a good idea for you. I checked and I am using Jarrow formula. So far, I can't tell a difference - it has been about a week.

I agree about the doctors! They are SELLING their services, and they have to make a living - especially in this economy! I think they sell things you don't need sometimes.

Cheers back! Spring is on its way for sure!


attilahypnotist - April 27

Answer to canadacalling - Mar 2nd, 2011 4:43 PM

I am a distributor for a fantastic nutritional product in Canada and has D-ribose in it specifically recommanded for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Pikespeak - April 27

Hi January! I know you're not keen on Dr. Oz, but he endorsed Ribose on his show.


January - April 27

Oh, I'm not all that down on him either… I used to like him. Just wish he hadn't dumbed down his show SO much. And wish he would be more open minded in areas.

But it's interesting to know he endorsed D-Ribose. Do you remember what he said about it?

I guess I've been taking it for almost two months- not every day, but most days, and I now think it does help a bit with energy. Have you tried it?


Fantod - April 27

Susan - I googled "D-ribose Canada" and came up with a bunch of places in Canada that you can order it from online. (This may not be something that you can use if you are diabetic.)

Or, ask your doctor to write you a script for "Corvalen" which is D-ribose specifically formulated for use (originally) for heart patients. I use Corvalen and it does help. Not for as long as I would like but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I have the chocolate flavored wafers which, in my estimation, taste like chewing on dirty socks. I don't know if any of the other options (powder) taste any better. But, for a burst of energy to get through some social function where it would not be politically correct to nod off - Corvalen is just the ticket.



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