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D-Ribose - Anyone Tried This?
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Fantod - April 27

Effective Treatment of CFIDS and FM with D-Ribose (CORvalen)

By Jacob E. Teitelbaum, MD

Many of the problems seen in CFIDS and FM can relate to a decrease in tissue energy levels and altered energy metabolism. The consequences of dysfunctional energy metabolism frequently include pain from chronic muscle shortening, post-exertional fatigue, and low exercise tolerance associated with decreased cardiac output (heart function). In addition, it has been suggested that decreased energy production also results in hypothalamic dysfunction (kind of like the fuse box in your brain), which can result in the disordered sleep, hormonal imbalances, and autonomic dysfunction seen in these syndromes.

What is D-Ribose?

D-Ribose, a special naturally-occurring sugar made by your body, is a key structural component in DNA and RNA, as well as the critical energy molecules ATP and NADH needed by the mitochondria (your body’s “energy furnaces”) to maintain energy production. In fact, when a national news service recently reported on our study, the headline was “Curing Fatigue with Sugar!”

Studies of D-Ribose in patients with congestive heart failure and angina have shown a significant improvement in heart and physical function, exercise tolerance, and quality of life. D-Ribose has also been reported to be effective in restoring tissue energy levels following exercise. Because of these known benefits, and the benefits seen by our patients, we hypothesized that D-Ribose (CORvalen) would increase energy production and therefore decrease symptoms in patients suffering from FM and CFIDS, and are happy to report on the findings of our recently completed study.

What the Study Showed

We gave Ribose to 41 patients with CFIDS and/ or FM. Two-thirds of these desperately ill patients improved (after an average of only 12 days), with an average increase in quality of life of 30 percent—outstanding for a single nutrient’s addition.

Sleep quality improved by 25 percent. Mental clarity improved by 16 percent. Pain decreased by 14 percent and was eliminated in several patients. And most importantly, the average CFIDS/ FM patient in the study had more than a 42 percent improvement in energy.


Fantod - April 30

Ok - I am trying D-Ribose and it does seem to be helping. I notice that my muscles are not as sore when I have repetetive tasks like ironing. I have also found that my energy levelis more consistent with less total crash and burn moments. Anyone out there?????



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