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sazzle - January 15

hi ive been taking cymbalta 30mg since wed 11th jan and feel very sleepy and have blurred vision will these side effects where of as i carry on taking the cymbalta i really hope so.


mshouleruk - January 15

The law of accommodation states that your body will eventually adapt, like a smoker eventually adapts to cigarettes and a alcoholic eventually adapts to alcohol. Hang on in there and your body will slowly adapt. The first few days are always the worse, but once the adaptation has completed, most of the side effects should have lessened, but the body will be addicted.


wave-of-truth - January 15

An overview of the iHerb testimonial database suggests that 5HTP maybe a natural alternative to Cymbalta, I will post the corresponding reviews. For anyone interested I would suggest doing your own research into the matter though.


I'd been fighting deeper and deeper depression for a while, had finally gone to the doctors only to have a bad experience after only 3 days trying Cymbalta. I came across the mention of 5-HTP while looking to see what other people had been through with Cymbalta and decided to look into 5-HTP, and found this book. It was a real eye opener as to what was going on with some crucial chemicals in my body. I can tell you that between this book, the 5-HTP and some other vitamins mentioned in the book, I'm doing so much better with no side effects, and no expensive prescriptions!


My depression and headaches were getting the better of me so I finally went to the doctor who gave me samples of Cymbalta which made my headaches even worse! While reading up on the side effects and withdrawal symptoms people have had with Cymbalta, I found a mention of 5-HTP and decided to read up on it and try it. I've tried a couple different brands and this one works very well for me, and for the price, I see no reason to try any more brands at this point. My ideal dose is one of these 50mg caplets, three times a day. It (as well as some other supplements to compliment that I found in Dr. Murray's book about 5-HTP) have totally brought me back from a very deep depression. I was sleeping as much as 13 hours a night and still not feeling rested; now I don't need more than 8 hours of sleep. Between 5-HTP and magnesium citrate supplements, I rarely have headaches now, when I had been getting them once a day with a rare day off. Sometimes I find that 5-HTP curbs my appetite and sometimes not. If you have any issues with depression, anxiety, mood swings, or poor sleep, I honestly feel that you should check out this product. Also Dr. Murray's book on 5-HTP is a great tool for learning about serotonin and how 5-HTP works (in so many ways) to improve the lives of people who have low serotonin levels.


January - January 16

Agreed. I took Cymbalta (after trying other antidepressants too); I had a horrible time on it, and a really horrible time getting off this drug. Read the forums, like "cymbalta withdrawal" or "the road back" and you will think long and hard before putting any antidepressant drug in your body.

But if you want to take them, and they work for you, no argument from here, it's your decision. I thought for a long time these drugs were OK. The people I know who are doing the best on them are taking very small doses, like 5 or 10 mg. These are not the usual doses handed out, however. And even on these low doses, they cannot quit. They are addicted.

My own research led me to things like a gluten free diet, supplementation with Vitamin D3, B-complex, melatonin, etc. I was mildly depressed my whole life, and it's gone now. The antidepressants made me more depressed than I ever was, ever. They were a nightmare for me, and the doctors never suggested the drugs were making me worse, but they were. I am so lucky I managed to get myself off them and find other things that don't harm my body like they did.



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