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Cymbalta dose
4 Replies
bbass - December 20

My doctor has told me to start taking 60 instead of 30, because he says he wants to help my anxiety. Is anyone else taking 60 of cymbalta? The 30 has helped so much, my pain is reduced, and my depression has lifted. I actually can feel joy again. Any opinions on dosage?


Noca - December 21

Cymbalta dosages usually go as follows. Starting dose for depression is 60mgs, if you are sensitive to meds you start at 30mgs. If you have fibromyalgia and are not sensitive to medications(just normal) the starting dose is usually 60mgs with a maximum of 120mgs.

Most people on Cymbalta will usually remain at the dose they started at unlike other medications where you normally start low and work your way up.

As for myself, I tried 60mgs of Cymbalta as my starting dose and never raised it. I gave the medication 3-4 months and it did nothing for me so I stopped and switched to Remeron 45mgs.


Fantod - December 21

I'm on 30mgs as that is all I can tolerate. As I understand it, most people are given 60 as the standard dose. Take care.


reggiek911 - December 21

I started on 60 and was increaased to 90, but I was taking so much meds I wanted to try to decrease the dose and went back to 60, now after 6 months I am going to talk to md about increasing it again. It really helps my pain, not so much the depression. I think it is a very good drug for pain.


axxie - December 21

I started on 30mg was raised to 60mg and now have been on 30mg for the past few months. I like being on 30mg, I can think clearer and I manage my pain quite well.

There are days that the pain is out of control and for that I have other pain meds, that I take on the rare occasion. I am very sensitive to pain meds and have to be careful. To manage my pain, I do excercise (hard believe me) but after I feel much better and I have chiropractor who can pretty well take care of most of my pain.



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