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cymbalta as treatment
33 Replies
nola gal - June 21

I have been suffering for many years with fibro but was actually just diagnosed recently by my doctor. He put me on Cymbalta but I had upset stomach after taking it. Can anyone tell me of their experiences taking this drug? I have had all over pain and trouble with ear infections. I have not had a good nights sleep in probably a year or more. I would like to know if anyone has had success on Cymbalta. Thanks for any help. This support sight makes me think maybe I am not losing my mind.


bbass - June 22

Hi nola girl
I am in the same boat you are. Just diagnosed with fibro but have had it for a while. Also my doctor wants me to try cymbalta. Im kinda sensitive to everything, so I am a little worried, plus just found out my insurance wants me to try various drugs before they will approve this drug. But I hope it works and its not just one big side effect waiting to happen


Fantod - June 22

Hello - I've been on Cymbalta for over a year. I am extremely sensitive to medication. I can only tolerate the 30 mg dose. However, even at that low dose it has made a difference in my overall pain level. It took me about two weeks to adjust to Cymbalta. I was groggy but no other symptoms.

I'd rather be on this than Lryica which causes swelling and weight gain in most people. There are quite a few people on this board that have or are using Lyrica. The most common complaint seems to be significant weight gain.

My doctor wants me to try Savella which is new to the market for Fibromyalgia. I have a two week sample pack which I am going to use when my current script runs out. I have mixed emotions about trying it especially with my sensitivity to medication. I'll know pretty much immediately if I can't tolerate it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

As for your insurance company bbass, I'd be arguing with them and your doctor should be too. There are only certain classes of medication that work on Fibromyalgia (FMS). Having you "experiment" with other drugs may or may not work. In the interim, your chronic pain cycle will have longer to establish itself. The latter will make it harder to stop/manage and more expensive to treat in the long run.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.


eriey - June 22

Hi nola girl,
I have been on Cymbalta for almost 2 months and I honestly feel so much better! The first 2 weeks on the drug were the worst. I lost 5lbs in 9 days, was fatigued, etc. I had almost every single side effect. But my rheumatologist told me to stick it out. I'm glad I did. I really feel great. I'm at 40mg now (started at 20mg) and they would like to move me up to 60mg by July.
I too am sensitive to drugs, but I'm feeling the best I've felt in a really, really long time. I have energy to do things I haven't been able to do because I've been too tired and in too much pain.
The only thing that I've read that could be dangerous with Cymbalta is alcohol intake. The warnings label makes it sound scary, (I'm 29 and still enjoy happy hours and going out) but my dr. said it's not a major concern unless you have a pre-existing issue with alcohol.
Keep me posted on how it goes. My best advice is to stick with it for the first 2 weeks and the side effects should go away. If they don't then it might not be for you.
Good luck!!


serafin - June 24

Hello Nola Gal,

I've been on Cymbalta 30mg. for awhile now at first you are going to feel weird like dizzy, nuasea or stomach upset, but it seems to be the only medication that I have tried that actually works! The only downfall is constipation. But I'm able to function and sleep good at night and not only that mentally it helps tremendiously, I don't feel as depress or anxious. Good luck and give it some time you'll see you'll feel better! Serafin


RavenFax - June 24

Wow after reading this post it makes me wonder. about 2 yrs ago I was given cymbalta for depression and after about 10 i stopped taking it. the fatgue was so bad i couldn't get out of bet to bath let alone take care of my kids. I wonder where I would be today if I had stuck it out then.

Again Thanks all for being here


chaplin - June 24

Hi nola girl
I just started Cymbalta last week. I have to say I am not yet feeling the good effects yet but I tried lyrica and it was a horrible experience for me emotionally I was crying all the time and I was horribly sick to my stomach. With the Cymbalta I am really tired even more than usual but I hear that should pass. Other than that I am having no other side effects. Too bad I wouldn't have minded having the weight loss side effect ( :
hope this helps


axxie - June 26

Hello nola gal

I've been on Cymbalta 60mg, it's been 6 months, and yes at first I had the same sensitivity, when taking it, so I started taking it with food, and I have had no problems since. It took me 2 weeks to get used to it, I had groggy symptoms and it gave me the time to sleep. I slept like a puppy for those 2 weeks and it made such a difference, I actually danced into my doctor's office, what a change it did for me. It took away the pain and I took care of my mental state.

Cymbalta common side effects dry mouth, sleepiness, constipation, increased sweating, decrease appetite.

Good luck to you nola gal and I would try it, and stick with it for a month before you decide it's not for you.



terilyn - July 3

Sorry the late reply, butI'm new here. Unfortunatly, NOT new to Fibro. Had it for a few years now. In 2006, I was going thru a separation from my husband ( long story )...anyway, during that time of major depression, I was put on Cymbalta. It helped a little, but made me sick to my stomach, as you stated. After we reconsiled in 2007, I went off the drug and felt much better. Last year, my fibro Dr. wanted me to take it for the fibro symtoms. I said NO WAY ! After suffering from no sleep, no concentration, tired all the time, and the especially bothersome restless leg, I agreed to try it. After 2 long weeks of throwing up and sick stomach, the side effects lessend and the benefits began. I've much more enery and the RLS is near gone ! I still have days ( 1 - 3 /wk.) that I'm run down and can't do much, but the Cymbalta helped... so I'm still on it.


JOEGIRL - July 13

I tried cymbalta a while back but it made me so tired and sleepy I couldn't get anything done. After reading these posts I wonder if maybe I should have tried a little longer. Right now MY DR.has me on lyrica and it is helping my pain level but I am so scared I am going to get fat . Also I am not sleeping good at night. I am going to hang on a little longer and see how it works on me. IF i DON'T LIKE IT i will ask to try cymbalta again maybe.Guess we all have to keep trying new meds til we find the right one.Any relief from pain is great so goodluck to all.
ps. what about this new med, Savella? I never heard of it.


Kim57 - July 13

What time of the day is best to take the Cymbalta? I'm asking because I heard it makes you drowsy in the beginning and I drive an hour to get to work every day. I can't afford to be falling asleep at the wheel. So would it be better in the evening?


axxie - July 13

Kim 57, in response to your post, about the time you should take cymbalta. I was taking it in the evening, it gave me time to chill out, then I tried night so that I could sleep, but did nothing for me, actually was making me stay up. So I now take my 60mg in the morning, about 1 hour after I take my thyroid medicine. Your body will tell you, when to change, so for now I would just take it at the time you usually take it, then your body will response differently and you can change your time to take it in the morning.
Please make sure you do eat when taking your dose, especially in the morning, otherwise it will give you strange sensation (sorry I can't describe it, I'm in a slow mow and feeling crappy for the last few days). I'm hoping to be able to get through this episode, but weather has everything to do with it, and we have not been getting any sunshine and warm weather here for the last two weeks and it looks like its going to be another week of oh-um weather.


mimosette - July 14

My dr wanted me to take Cymbalta, but it has the side effect of increased sweating, and I live in Alabama, and am an over-active sweater. My body believes in the sweat. I drip sweat even in the winter.
So, I am NOT eager to increase my chances of even MORE dripping sweat.
Did y'all notice that side effect?
Lyrica did help me, but when I started taking it, I had to quit my Topamax for migraines (something about them being too similar ) , and then the migraines returned with a vengeance, so I had to quit the Lyrica and go back to the Topamax.


Kim57 - July 14

Axxie...thanks for you suggestion as to when best to take the Cymbalta. Matter of fact, I just went to my GP today and got the prescription to start on it. I also asked her and she suggested the same take it at night and with food. After reading the beginning side effects, I am hoping I get by with mild nausea and fatigue. (Wishfully thinking..none of the above..LOL)


LastsGal - July 15

Man, I wish I'd had the same success with Cymbalta as the posters I'm reading here! All it gave me is a lot of groggy mornings and an extra 30 pounds... seriously pesky ones that I still haven't managed to lose two years later!

In hindsight, if both Cymbalta & Lyrica had worked I'd choose Cymbalta. The psychedelic dreams are so not for me!

I hope you have the results the others had!


Jules89 - July 16

I was just prescribed Cymbalta and I am afraid to begin taking it because I am so sensitive to meds. Does anyone know a good time of day to take it to limit the side affects? Please let me know any info from those of you who are taking it.


mimosette - July 16

My sister just got home from a seminar about Cymbalta! The dr giving the speech highly recommends it for fibro (as well as diabetic neurothopy). He DOES NOT like the new drug that starts with an "S", said he took all his patients off of it.
He also hates Elavil , which I take. She missed that part, was in the bathroom , but will ask one of the pharmacists tomorrow WHY he hates Elavil . He said it has "so many really bad side effects"

My sister is a Pharm Tech for a company that fills scripts for several nursing homes , so he was mostly addressing Cymbalta use for the elderly, but I found it very interesting since I picked up MY Cymbalta samples from my dr today.



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