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Cymbalta and fibromyalgia
7 Replies
shellybrace - June 21

I recently heard that the FDA has approved the anti-depressant Cymbalta for the treatment of fibromyalgia. Has anyone tried it or had any other experience with it? How did it work for you?


VictoriaB - June 22

Hi!, Yes, i just started on cymbalta for the 2nd time, I had to stop the first time because of stomach problems but my doc encouraged to give it another try. I for the first time in a couple of years can get out of bed without holding onto something! I still have pain but I am not completely focoused on how do get by for the day now, it has also helped my general anxiety over the shape I am in. I am hopeful that it will work for me. I am still taking my pain meds right now also. Good Luck!


Fantod - June 22

Hello shellybrace, Yes I am using Cymbalta. I am on 30mg which is all that I can tolerate. It does seem to help with the overall pain. I do have some mnor trouble with tremors in my hands which is a rare side effect. Doesn't stop me from doing anything. I think that is has been helpful. I also take gabapentin for nerve pain (100mg). The combination of the two seems to work better than just one or the other. Take care.


lynda66 - July 25

been taking 60mg cymbalta for the last year and a half, my symptoms have got worse in the last 8 months, so either cymbalta is working really well and i'll be crippled without it, or its actually doing nothing at all to help the pain. i'm also on 10mg amitryptiline


trash7d - July 27

I tried it for a few weeks. It worked great for the pain. But I stopped taking it because I couldn't sleep or go to the bathroom while on the medication.


cas56 - July 27

Hi! I have been using Cymbalta 30 mg in am and 60 pm. It has helped with the nerve pain and the depression as well. I also take neurontin and celebrex daily as well. I wish you well!


RitaJ - July 28

Yes I have tried Cymbalta. I was on a low dosage and it made me too sleepy. It also made me feel sick to my stomach. My legs would jump at night also. I stopped taking it because I couldnt get house work done due to sleepiness and walking around zoned out. I also had dry mouth from taking them and stayed thirsty.


Painwithgrace - July 28

My doctor has recommended that I increase my dose of Cymbalta to 120 mg. (Previously I was taking 80mg). Apparently they are recommending a higher dose for fibromyalgia than for treatment of depression (60mg). I haven't been taking this dose long enough to know if it will help or side effects yet.



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