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carrie lee - February 9

Hi everyone, i Havent posted in a while but now i have a question, I went to my pain management clinic and complained that I was not sleeping so I had just started taking my prozac at night instead of in the am like i've done for eight years just to see if it helped. Well she prescribed cymbalta for me just 20 mg to take in the am, I took it yesterday and my whole body itched for hours. I called the office they told me to take benaadryl,(like I need more sedation). I gguess what I want to know if anyone else has had this reaction to cymbalta and did it go away like my doc said it should?
I wont start another post but my symptoms too began with a seemingly innocent fall off of a three foot step ladder backwards onto my head and shoulder, I believe that whiplash theory, just wish my doc did. Any info you guys could give me on cymbalta would be much appreciated. Have a wonderful day!


dream69 - February 9

everything you ever wanted to know about cymbalta



dream69 - February 9

Remove dashes - not underscores _


BRENDA - February 10

Hi carrie lee! I take Cymbalta. I really think it has helped me! I was started on 30 mg @ night for sleep, but the DR bumped me up to 60mg. The only side effect I seem to have is excess sweating. This is annoying, but not enough to make me stop taking Cymbalta! I think it has done wonders for my sleep!! Some nights I don't even wake up once!! I was waking every 2 hrs. One question I have for you though,... are you still taking Prozac? Cymbalta is a combination drug! It has Prozac in it already! This maybe your problem! I hope this helps. Let me know how it is going!


old lady - February 21

Cymbalta makes me very sleepy. I can get up in the morning and 1 to 2 hrs. later I have to take a nap. I think if I take it around 5:30 maybe I won't be so sleepy in the morning. I take epilepsy med. and B.P. med, and light heart med.



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